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If you are like many other people today, you might be searching for different things you can do online to help make money. You can make money with your favorite bookmarks at SheToldMe, come find out more about it.

She Told Me

She Told Me is an online revenue sharing site. You can use it to create residual income by adding your bookmarks. It is free to use and it is very user friendly. After using it for a while, I can tell you that it makes a great platform for building back links to any webpage you submit to it. Joining is easy, since all you have to do is register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. Once that shows up in your email box, and it will not take long to do so, you will click the link in the email to confirm your membership. After that, you can get busy building your back links and generating a profit. However, you will need a Google AdSense account.

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She Told Me about She Told Me

While you are on the website, the pages you create to the bookmarks you are submitting are called “Scoops”. On the submission page for your scoop, you will find there are several things you need to make sure are filled in with text. The different things you need to do involve filling in the scoop’s URL, the scoop’s title, the scoop itself, which is where you will type on the text you plan to include. You will also see an area below with the heading “Vocabularies”. In the Vocabularies, area is a drop down box for Category. Click to choose the category that you think your submission belongs. Next, you will fill in the area for keywords. Just below the keywords text box is the submission button, it says “Send It Now”.

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While filling out the submission for the webpage you are bookmarking on the website, you will need to submit the URL or the online address of the page you want to share with others. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a share button or add this button to the browser you are using. These little buttons make sharing all your favorite bookmarks so much easier. When you use these buttons to share your pages, they will automatically add the URL to the submission form. They also include the title of the page you submit.

She Told Me

She Told Me What To Do

With the URL and the title automatically inserted for you, all you have to do is add some content. The content has to be at least 200 characters. It will not let you submit without at least 200 characters. If you have too few characters just add some more to your scoop. You can only add 5000 characters. If you add too many, it will not let you submit. Rather it will tell you that you have too many characters. When this happens, you simply need to delete some of the text that you submitted.

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While you are working on She Told Me, you will notice that when you add enough characters in the content editor that the box will turn black, if you do not, the box will turn red. While filling in the keywords once you reach a particular number of characters, the screen will seem to move. When this happens, there will be a short list of descriptions to other She Told Me scoops relative to the subject or niche topic appear just below the keywords box.

She Told Me

I like to work in assembly line form. I do this by opening a window, and then I open a tab for the page I am bookmarking and then I open a tab for She Told Me. I then use the Share button or Add This button on the page I want to bookmark. This will open another tab. I keep the original She Told Me page set on my scoops list and then I refresh the list ever so often to see my submissions. As I move around on my bookmarking page listing, I generally start at the top and work to the bottom of each page and then I click to the next page. So, I always have at least one or more tabs open to both sites.

I generally figure out how to enter anything so that I get the job done and still save some time. Since the URL and title are already sitting there waiting for more action, my formula for submitting scoops to this particular website is to click the Category drop down box and choose the subject category. Next, I fill in the scoop area with my little more than 200 characters. After that, I move on to add the keywords. You can do it in any order you please. However, be sure to fill in all the content and information that is needful of producing your scoops on the website.

If you are interested in building back links to your webpages or your favorite bookmarks, you should definitely consider joining the She Told Me website. It works great; the administrator is a nice and helpful individual. Building links back to your pages or bookmarks while generating residual income is very easy when you join She Told Me.

She Told Me