Wedding Catering: Four Tricks To Catering Your Own Wedding, Stress-Free

Self-catering a wedding takes time and effort. There are the guests to think about, the menu and the decors, not to mention all the things you have to take care of for the ceremony itself. Needless to say, it can be very stressful especially if you do not know how to employ the right techniques.

How To Have A Stress-Free, Do-It-Yourself Wedding Catering
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) catering is not a new concept for brides and grooms. If you’re considering having one on your special day, here are some tricks to help you get through it.

1. Select your venue wisely. Be it at your backyard or within your home premises, pick a place that can give you the freedom to do whatever you like. If you’d rather hold it somewhere else, opt for indoor reception. This will eliminate any unnecessary pressure or tension in case the weather suddenly turns bad. Find a deal where you can get huge discounts on self-decorations. Rent decorating supplies from a local rental company to significantly lower your overall costs.

2. Keep your menu simple, easy and practical. Avoid experimenting recipes that you have never tried before. Create a food list and stick to it all throughout. As much as possible, never make last-minute changes or you’ll only stress yourself in the end. Try menus that have Mexican or Indian flavors which can be cooked in advance, frozen and heated easily yet still taste better over time. If you want to serve your favorite dishes, enlist the help of people in your clan who have great culinary skills to come up with delicious meals and side-dishes.

3. Ask families and some friends to do a catering service for specific items. Delegate tasks evenly. One group can be in charge of appetizers, the second can manage the desserts, while the third can handle beverages. Get them involved and let them contribute to the table. Make sure that you do sample tasting weeks ahead so you won’t be pressured to do so later on.

4. Think beyond the food. Think about how you will transport the foods smoothly. Assign someone who can supervise all the needed cooking and serving utensils. Organize crews – one for preparation, one for cleanup.

5. Consider your wedding cake. You can bake your own but be sure to ask another person to do the assembly before bringing it to the reception. Or you can hire a pro to take care of everything from baking to transportation.