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Wedding Costs Getting Higher $26,000 Dollars

As of December 2013, the average cost of American weddings has grown to more than $26,000.00. The price of weddings is growing as couples look to make their nuptials an unforgettable occasion. What was once a faith-based affair directed by ministers, some weddings have become full-fledged productions put on by professional Wedding Planners. You can find a wedding planner for just about every budget but some of them have earned reputations for the lavish weddings that they’ve presided over. Planners like this are in demand. Being a sought after wedding planner allows planners to charge more for their services. This is just one of many reasons why the price of getting married is getting higher.

Wedding Attire

The cost of a new designer wedding dress and jewelry alone can run into the thousands of dollars. In some families, the bride is expected to have a wedding becoming the family socio-economic status. They spend money on wedding dresses that the rest of us wish we had to spend on something that we really need. Like food and rent. Top wedding gown designers aren’t cheap either. They know that every bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful on their wedding day so designers go all out to accommodate them. The designers at have come up with a replica wedding dress like the one Taylor Swift wore to perform Love Story. Then there’s the tuxedo rental. Tuxedo rentals aren’t terribly expensive but every little bit counts.


Whether a limousine or a horse drawn carriage, wedding transportation adds to the cost of nuptials. Some limousine companies offer limos with options (the number of passengers, the length of the rental) that add to the base rental price of the vehicle. For example, I searched the web for a Wedding Limousine rental on Saturday, April 26, 2014, with 11 – 15 passengers, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The limo rental website returned a message that said, 4 rental companies wanted to compete for my business starting at $61.00/ person. For 15 passengers at $61.00/person limousine service costs more than $900.00 for a 6-hour limo rental.

Wedding Destinations

When an American couple that’s engaged to be married chooses to have their wedding in a destination like the Caribbean, travel costs from the US to the Caribbean become a big part of the weddings bottom line. The cost of flying a wedding party to an exotic destination like the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Cancun can be astronomical. Premier wedding destination also means premier prices for accommodations and for food. Exotic locals are known as tourist traps for a reason. A wedding party might not be tourist but that doesn’t exempt them from high prices associated with these locations.

Wedding Decorations

Flowers and centerpieces are another niche market of wedding decorations. Decorating a wedding hall and reception hall can get real expensive real quick. Even the cost of flowers for an outdoor wedding can quickly drive the costs of a wedding higher than many couples would like.

Wedding Receptions

Reception hall rentals are good business. There’s always someone that wants to rent one and the law of supply and demand determines the cost of the hall. Fortunately, for the couples that get married in churches or temples, these buildings usually have a large activity room that can be used as for a wedding reception. In addition there’s the cost of wedding cake and food for the reception.


What’s a wedding without wedding pictures? Maybe you got to see your parents wedding album when you were growing up. Today wedding photography is using modern technology to take wedding pictures and their cost to new levels. There are exceptions to every rule, but most of our parents’ weddings didn’t cost anything near what weddings cost today. That includes the cost of a wedding photographer. Of course, every couple wants wedding pictures and DVD’s of the happy occasion. Cha – ching!

Wedding Insurance

Due to the rising cost of nuptials, some insurance companies have started writing wedding insurance policies. Travellers Insurance is one of the few insurance companies that are currently writing wedding insurance policies. Of course, this is an added expense but it could be well worth it if you plan to spend $26,000.00 or more on a wedding.

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