Wedding Destinations Abroad – What Destinations WIll Make Your Wedding Special

Getting married has to be one of the most important days of your life when you want everything to go right, perfect weather, the perfect dress and obviously the groom to turn up but according to research, more and more people are now looking at Weddings Abroad to make their day even more special and according to 100 newly wed couple who got married abroad, 85 of them said they felt having their Weddings Abroad cut out most of the stress that is associated with organising a wedding and also reduced their overall wedding cost making it cheaper to get married abroad than to get married in the UK.

When you ask a lot of people to describe their perfect wedding day, a large number would say it is getting married on a beach in a hot country and according to travel agent Tropical Sky; Barbados is still the number one choice. St Lucia comes in as a close runner-up, which means that the Caribbean is still the firm favourite for brides-to-be seeking a beach wedding.

Tropical Sky’s commercial director, Steve Garley, says, ‘It’s no surprise to see these Caribbean destinations remain top of the charts as the islands are easy to get to and have great weather. Hotel groups with properties on different islands like Almond Resorts, rex resorts and Couples Resorts are increasingly popular as they offer a two-centre option for those who wish to honeymoon on a different island – and have the excuse to leave their entourage behind!’

Steve continues, ‘Although the Caribbean continues to dominate, there are some destinations sneaking in to take the crown, for example New York weddings are increasing in popularity. Alternative beach destinations are also seeing a massive rise in bookings.’

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