Wedding Favor and Wedding Party Ideas

Wedding Favors

Ah, wedding favors… While this is an opportunity to be creative and show those closest to you on this special day your appreciation for being there for you, it can also be one more thing to worry about. Let’s face it planning a wedding is already a big job!

Some of the easy fallbacks for wedding favors are edible favors like special wedding candy and cookies, individual towel cakes or even custom labeled bottled water. There are also many personalized items you can order online, like the labeled water bottles I mentioned you can also get personalized silk fans program fans or some of my favorites for outdoor weddings are personalized sunscreen wedding favors are even personalized lip balm wedding favors.

More elegant wedding favors include small personalized glass or sliver picture holders with a picture of the bride and groom or personalized stemmed or stem less wine glasses.

Wedding Party Gifts

wedding party gifts

Choosing the right wedding party gift is even tougher and to make it worse what do you get for Groomsman gifts??? That cute necklace or bracelet will probably not be as big a hit with the Best Man and Groomsmen. One thing that can really help is if you can choose all the wedding party gifts at one time and still have room to choose gifts that match the personality of the person you’re giving it to. Not always an easy thing to accomplish when half of the people you are giving gifts to are men and half women. Not many gifts have the same strong appeal to both men and women; one of exceptions to the rule involves our sense of smell. What guy doesn’t love the smells of his favorite coffee shop, or maybe the sophisticated smell of cedar or other resinous woods is more his style. For her, maybe the smells of the ocean and beach or romantic fragrances or floral fragrances warm her heart.

Of course you can always go out and buy some candles but how unique is that? As a Scentsy distributer I frequently work with brides to come up with unique gifts for each person in the bridal party and yes, even the groomsmen! Scentsy has a unique line of products, warmers and wickless candles that range from fun to elegant to romantic for the brides maids and for the groomsmen we have our sports line, college line, patriot line and classic warmers like our lodge and Magellan warmers. Not only are you able to match the personality of the person with a warmer you can chose from hundreds of scents to get the one that they will truly appreciate.

To help you get started we put together a selection of the most frequently picked items by brides looking for bridal party gifts . You might also appreciate our page on Gifts for men.

Choosing the right wedding party gifts doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need to start in the right place!