Every wedding has a unique story behind it and if that story gets a perfect picturesque location of Italy what could be better than this. Italy is the country of amore…the country of love, and if you have always dreamt of marrying in Italy then hiring a professional wedding planner can help to turn your fantasies into reality. Some of the overwhelming services provided by professional wedding planners in Italy are:

1. Ideas on Venue, Theme and Decoration

In the preliminary stage, there will be a back and forth of ideas and concepts regarding the appropriate venue, theme and decoration for the wedding ceremony. One can choose from number of beautiful wedding destinations like Italian lakes, Tuscany, Florence, Sicily, Verona, wine farm villages etc. You can chip in your ideas and the wedding planners will run you through some catalogues of previous weddings.

2. Coordination with Suppliers & Caterers

Wedding planners in Italy have many contacts in the field of event services, and hence will come with a list of suppliers for flowers, catering, photographer, transport, etc. The wedding planners will work with the suppliers for the wedding ceremony.

3. Designing the Invitation Card

The wedding invitation marks the first real tangible venture regarding the wedding ceremony. Therefore, it must be designed just right. The wedding planners will discuss with you and will come up with a perfect wedding invitation according to your preferences. Depending upon the budget and package, customized wedding planners in Italy can also take care of printing and posting the invitations.

4. Planning Guest List and Guest Activities

On the day of the wedding ceremony, how many guests you call, their trajectory through the wedding ceremonies and entertainment activities needs to be planned, so that everything goes perfectly. The wedding planners will help you plan your guest list and entertainment activities along to keep the guests entertained throughout.

5. Setting up the Venue on the Day

They will follow up the wedding planning with exact execution at the venue with the help of other event services. They will take up responsibility for setting up the decoration, coordinating with the different suppliers, and making the wedding happen.

6. Organizing Hair, Makeup and Attire

Wedding planners will also assist with getting the bride, groom and family members ready for the big event. Hair, makeup and dresses will be planned well in advance and activities will be scheduled such that the bride and the groom look perfect on this special day.

7. Taking Care of Contingencies

All possible hiccups and sudden emergencies will be taken care of by the wedding planners and event services. They will be present throughout the wedding ceremony, keeping a sharp eye for any problems that might occur.

Over the past few years, the Italian wedding places were among the favourite marriage destinations for the couples. The country is best known for its natural bliss, hot-shot place for weddings, variety of food delicacies and tradition wedding customs. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to marry and to honeymoon, so if your dream is to get married in Italy, don’t let anything stand in your way. The land of love awaits!