Wedding Reception Place Card Ideas

Place cards are essential in maintaining order in the reception area. They make locating your seats much more convenient and less time-consuming. However, they can also provide quite a challenge to the couple and the wedding planner, because designing them and creating them takes some effort too.

Whether you are having your reception in Casa Manila Patio or anywhere else, place cards are very important in keeping your wedding organized and your guests well informed. If you are planning to use place cards in your wedding, here are some great place cards ideas.

Instead of regular cards, you can use laminated cards placed inside water-filled flower vases. Trim the cards to make them look like fishes or other sea creatures and you are set. It’s certainly creative, relatively inexpensive, and definitely unique.

It may take some time though to cut the laminated cards, but the rest of the procedure should be fairly easy to handle. You can also vary the label by using numbers, letters, or words that are more appropriate to the theme of the reception.

If you have candles on the table, you can use them as an alternative to your place cards. You can either get those special candles that are already shaped into numbers or you can just simply hand your labels around the candles. Either way, there should be very little effort involved in creating them. The good thing is the candles will be a huge decorative factor especially if you are having your wedding at night. Light them all up at the same time and your wedding reception will look magical in an instant.

Play with the placement
If you’re not into elaborate designs, then just change the placement of the cards to make it different. In other words, you don’t have to set them in the middle of the table along with the centerpiece.

Instead you can place the labels on the napkins in the form of napkin rings. This minimizes the size of the cards but you will be printing out more in return. Good thing is each card doesn’t have to be meticulously crafted since it will be too small to merit much scrutiny.

Or, you can also hang them on the back of the chairs so they will be more visible from different angles. They don’t need to be fancy, just clearly visible. Simply ask your Pasig catering service to place them in a way you prefer. Simply hand them over a day before the wedding or before they set up the reception.