Wedding Ring Tattoos – Designs Ideas You Will Regret?

Wedding Ring Tattoos

There are many things that go into making your wedding day the perfect experience. The first thing is to find someone to share that special day and hopefully the rest of your life. A lot goes into get things ready for the big day that a lot of couples don’t even think about making the right choice. The wedding dress is one of the most important thing for a woman. There is also what is now fashionable amongst some couple, that is wedding ring tattoos. Some people call this the wedding band tatoo. When you see a lot of celebrities getting tattoos and making them fashionable, you might wonder if you need to do they same. There are many reason for wanting to get wedding tattoo rings and there are many design ideas to choose from. The question is, should you get a tattoo just because others are doing so. This is a personal decision but when you are in love, you end up doing things that you later regret. What must you take into consideration before getting your wedding ring tattoos?

Health and Pain

If you are afraid of needles and you can stand the pain of seeing someone attack your delicate skin, you will likely not be enchanted by the idea of getting a tattoo. It doesn’t mean you are not in love but you will rather want to get a wedding band that will easily slide into your ring finger. Some people say that getting a tattoo is not painful but a lot will depend on how much pain you can tolerate. You also need to pay attention to where you will be getting your tattoo. You don’t want to end up in a messed up situation where your health is put at risk because you want to get cheap wedding ring tattoos.

Love Grinds to a Halt

With the amount of marriages ending in divorce, getting wedding ring tattoos will not be a good idea if you are not sure about getting married. A lot of people will say that you should not get married if you have doubts. That is easier said than done. Most people still walk down the altar knowing they are making a mistake. Living up to the expectations of parents and friends can be one of the reasons to go through with an ill conceived wedding. There is also the fact that some people think that getting married will solve their problems. If you can’t get things sorted out before getting hitched, you will have a hard time making things work after your wedding day. What will you do with your wedding ring tattoos when you are no longer together? Marriage is all about hope and this isn’t to discourage those who want to experience marital bliss but there is the reality of things not working out.

Church and Religious Family

This is another thing to consider. Some people or religious groups frown upon anything to do with inking your body. The fact that you will be unable to hide your wedding ring tattoos on your big day before the priest or pastor is something to take into consideration. If you are only planning to get married at your local registry, you might not be too bothered about that. There is also the pressure from conversative family members who will likely not be pleased with your choice of body painting. If you an an adult, you can do what you want and not worry about what others will say.

Design Ideas and Regret

This has to do with what you might feel about your choice later in life. Tattoos can be cute when they are done but they can later fade and not look that great. That can make you feel unhappy about your choice.

Should you get your loved inked on your wedding finger? That is a personal decision!