Weight Gain: Getting Into Some Pounds

Looking Down The Scale

Having many problems because you’ve been underweight for so long? Wanting to wear your desired clothes and present yourself to others very well without having to get the questioning looks from their faces whenever they will see you with a very thin body? Think again because there is no reason to be hopeless when it comes to gaining weight. There can even be creative ways to gain weight you can decide upon in order for you to achieve you desired body structure.

Usually, it tends to be common for some to have a really thin body. This is commonly attributed to the family. It is said that if being thin runs in the family, then most probably a low weight would be a usual occurrence for a person. Some are really getting tired of having to look really thin because it gives them the impression of somehow being sickly or weak.

Being too thin affects the self-esteem or the way a person looks at oneself as well. This can greatly affect how they relate and interact with people. Like with too much fat, there is also a stigma associated with being thin. Due to these issues, there has been a great increase of interest regarding weight gain.

Weight Gain: Getting Into Some Pounds

Influences to Weight

There can be a lot of reasons aside from the family as an influencing factor in a thin appearance. One of which can be the excessive concern for the body. This is actually common to teenagers who would really want to gain the acceptance of the people around them especially their peers. There has been a widespread connotation that thin is sexy. Some are overdoing what has been stated and would really do excessive dieting methods as if they are not eating at all.

Anorexia Nervosa

There also exist conditions known as Anorexia Nervosa common to teenagers. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that affects how a person looks at himself. If a person perceives oneself as thin despite the fact that one actually has a normal weight. This can greatly affect the person’s diet. Due to the perception of being fat, the person would lost the appetite and would greatly lose weight.

Bulimia: Binging and Purging

There is also another eating disorder similar to Anorexia Nervosa and this is known as Bulimia . This is also one of the possible causes to excessive weight gain. The difference of Bulimia is that when it comes to food, they do not have an actual loss of appetite. They would even eat lots of food or binge then after being able to realize what the person did, on e would already remove the eaten contents through purging or vomiting.

Weight Gain: Getting Into Some Pounds

These are just some of the conditions that can be attributed to a thin body structure. You must be able to realize the importance of proper intake of foods to keep the body healthy and to be able to let it bear the daily struggles that anyone may face. There is nothing wrong with getting normally fat. You just have to moderate the excess intake of food and might as well regulate your intake in such a manner that it wouldn’t be insufficient.

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