Weight gain nutrition diets

Weight gain is necessary for people that are under weight . Many athletes burn allot of calories and need to replace the weight they lose. You need a good nutrition based diet and some body building to help keep on the weight and strengthen muscles. This does not mean eating fast food, greasy food but eating products which contain healthy fats like omega three fatty acids which are commonly found in flax, tuna, salmon and walnuts. You need the proper diet for your health and correct body weight.

The mistake some people make is that they start eating unhealthy foods such as chicken nuggets, French fries and fish sticks. You need to eat smart and consume baked chicken, potatoes or fish. You will need carbohydrates that can be found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Make sure you eat five to six meals per day instead of the eating three large ones. You can try protein foods and supplements drinks which you can drink just about anytime of the day.

Each meal should consist of protein and two to three servings of vegetables preferably the green kind that has a lot of vitamins and helps with your digestion. You need to drink plenty of water to replenish what you lost during a workout. you can also drink milk and fruit juices are also good. You should not drink soft drinks or pop this will only add calories and has no nutritional value. Staying hydrated will help you flush out your muscles and keep you from getting dehydrated.

When you have gained the weight you wanted you need to stay on a healthy diet and exercise program. You can also add more weight later on in the barbells or dumbbells when you don’t find it that challenging as before. make sure to take it easy when you add weight.