Weight gain supplements for men – how to maximize effects and minimize risk

Taking weight gain supplements for men might sound odd at a time when so many people are concerned about shedding excess body mass. But if you’re struggling to get to the ideal weight (as a bodybuilder, an athlete or a naturally thin person), you know that there is nothing unusual about it. You actually need extra support and well-chosen supplementation products can provide excellent value for money here.

Weight gain supplements for men – how to maximize effects

You can choose from a range of weight gainers coming in powder, pill or drink form – creatine monohydrate, whey protein, carbohydrate and fatty acids (eg. flax oil or fish oil). Reputed brands with a track record on this market include Hercuplan. Planet Ayrveda, Kazmeier and others. But gaining weight using these solutions is as much about choosing the best fit for your body as it is about clever ways to maximize their effects.

1. Adjust your diet

Your weight gain supplement plan should go hand in hand with smart nutrition. A perfect body rarely comes out of a pill and if it does it takes much longer than it could if you gave it some support. Whipping out regular, balanced meals that are rich in body-building minerals and vitamins can supercharge your weight gaining efforts big time. It does not necessarily mean eating a lot, but it does mean eating smart. So stay away from too much fatty, empty-calories food unless it’s body fat you are after (which you probably aren’t). Go for eggs or quality meat instead.

2. Don’t take weight gain supplements during meals

Most men, especially body-builders, think that the best way to go about gaining weight is by tucking in meals and supplements at the same time. Actually, quite the opposite is true. It’s much more effective to take or drink weight gainers in between meals so that you don’t disturb your natural metabolism too much. And you have two allies working separately on your side – quality meals and supplements. Even meal replacement supplements work best when taken between proper meals, not instead.

3. Fortified is good, within certain limits

Many weight gain supplements for men come fortified with vitamins and minerals, such as Omega-3 fatty acids. These formulas are usually designed to keep you well-stocked with beneficial nutrients (great for workout types) but also to reduce the rate of metabolism. In other words, your body slows down its food processing so you can retain more mass. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it so keep an eye on which minerals and vitamins your supplements are fortified with.

4. Exercise and rest

Don’t trust hype guaranteeing that supplements will do all the hard work for you. To gain and sustain weight your also need a solid exercise routine and rest. It’s only in this combination of proper diet, workout and rest that your body is given everything it needs to put on weight.

Weight gain supplements for men – how to minimize risk

Diet supplementation market is not as strictly regulated as that of prescription drugs. It’s convenient because we can buy weight gainers over the counter or on the Internet, but we need to remember that oversight of producers is not completely watertight. What can you do to minimize risk?

1. Check customer feedback before you buy

Go to body-building forums, blogs or message boards to learn from other customers’ experiences with weight gain products for men. There is plenty of useful tips out there about which producers and distributors to avoid and which to trust. Customer reviews at Amazon and other retail sites can be helpful too. Asking around at your local gym is another direct way to get a better picture of the market.

2. Avoid banned or recalled supplements

Here’s a cautionary tale from Boston Globe about fishy weight loss products.

3. Watch out for hazardous ingredients

Several consumer protection groups are at a warpath with the supplement industry. They argued in a number of reports that some specific products they’d tested contained hazardous ingredients that negatively affected liver or heart. One such harmful chemical is germanium. Watch this video to learn about others you should try to stay away from in weight gain supplements for men.