Weight Loss by Potbelly

Weight loss by potbelly has a sense of finality to it sort of like death by gunshot but thankfully it’s not that serious and it actually enhances life. It’s more like the beginning of a new life for some people who have struggled to lose weight for years. The “potbelly” or “beer belly” effect as it’s also known, is an excessive amount of body fat around the torso at the waistline. It’s a situation that can lead to serious health problems like lower back pain due to strain on the back muscles caused by a distended abdomen.

A potbelly can also be indicative of the potential for diabetes. Diabetes is more prominent in African-Americans due to poor dietary choices, heredity, and lack of exercise. Americans overall are guilty of the factors that lead to the potbelly effect and in turn diabetes for many. A potbelly or visceral fat around the waist is a downward spiral that left unresolved can manifest itself as diabetes which in turn could lead to amputation of limbs.

Weight loss by potbelly can be achieved by making the decision to lose weight and then being determined to do it. Diet and exercise play a key role in all weight loss including losing a potbelly. Eating too much of the wrong types of food and not getting enough exercise, is the stuff that potbelly’s are made of. Cutting back on sugary foods and drinks will help you achieve your weight loss goal. It’s also very important to drink lots of water. Drinking water helps flush fat from your body.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to losing weight so getting off the sofa is part two of living a healthy lifestyle to lose weight. No, pressing the buttons on the clicker does not constitute exercise. Try jogging, walking, swimming, tennis, golf, or maybe an activity you enjoyed when you were a kid to get some exercise. The point is to get active to start burning fat. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise plan.