Weight under control or lose weight without effort?

If diet and sport – it’s not about you, but really want to lose weight, you can try one of the most popular and modern methods, collected below. Delay is not necessary. By the New Year must find time to hone the shape just below the dress.

Injection in the ear from overeating

It turns out with the help of acupuncture can not only cure some diseases, but also lose weight. This technique has recently seen in Europe as pseudoscientific, but studies have shown that acupuncture has a positive effect on health and metabolism results in order. So now, acupuncture is a popular destination for weight loss in the West, so do we.

The essence of this method is that in the ear long, thin needles are placed. They activate the points that are responsible for appetite. As a result, a person suppresses hunger and metabolism. After the procedure, pounds do not go away, but do not appear. Therefore, this method is best suited for those who have dropped or lose weight, and wished to build on the success.

A ‘but’: you should pay particular attention to the centers that offer weight loss with a special earrings. If we approach the matter seriously and to explore their proposed pre-, immediately revealed the fact that the method is based on all the same, and quite a strict diet. So endure the hardships still have.

Encoded by eating

For those who do not have enough willpower to give up favorite foods, help coding. During the session, the doctor will inspire them all the horrors and suffering associated with obesity. Draw a terrible picture of failure in their personal lives, at work and in relationships with loved ones. Cause fear of diseases that threaten people with being overweight. And finally – a block centers of appetite. As a result, the patient has lost the desire to overeat, but only if he gets on the session to a good specialist. After the procedure is easy to go on a diet, although the method does not cause weight loss by itself. Please be aware that, often, the effect of the procedure depends on the suggestibility of man. From it can not simply be the effect, and perhaps the emergence of other fears and phobias are not associated with appetite and weight. It must be remembered that the experiments with the psyche does not always lead to the desired result.

Freeze the fat!

Not many people know about until a relatively new procedure that allows a fairly quick effect, without resorting to surgery. Its name – kriolipoliz. The essence of the method is strictly controlled cooling of adipose tissue. A person immersed in a special apparatus, similar to the pressure chamber, where the tricky technical device lowers the temperature of fat cells is to a very specific area of ??the body to sub-zero temperatures. The advantage is that you can freeze the fat locally, exactly where it is needed, such as the abdomen or thighs. Dead cells are removed from the body naturally – with the urine. Experts believe that this method is more efficient and safer liposuction. However, as with any new method of emergency correction, kriolipoliz not among the low cost (a procedure will cost 20,000 – 45,000 rubles per zone), in addition, it is only suitable to those people whose weight is above normal, on average, 7.4 pounds.

‘Pharma’ of extra pounds

Simple, fast and widely advertised method to lose weight – it’s a variety of pharmaceutical products for weight loss. They speed up the metabolism and excretion of fluid and toxins from the body, so they do not have time to deposit on the hips. ‘Tablet’ method is considered one of the most popular, as it is available and requires no special heroism and willpower. But the main thing – to approach it with intelligence and very legible to choose the means. Why? In the first place – because of fakes, and secondly – the dominance of unlicensed drugs and supplements of unknown origin. But thirdly, there are a number of drugs on the basis of sibutramine, acting on the appetite centers in the brain and have proved to be a lot of side effects – ranging from mood disorders and sleep to serious problems with blood pressure, blood vessels and so on. Note that products based on sibutramine already banned in America and in almost all European countries.

However, all of the above – not a reason to abandon the ‘tablet’ of the method at all. You just need to take responsibility for the choice of medication – preferably in consultation with the doctor. According to nutritionists, the most safe and effective, to date, are funds that do not work on receptors in the brain, and work mainly in the intestine. Such drugs (eg, ‘Xenical’ that 64% of readers have chosen the well-known news resource as the most effective) is not ‘discourage’ the appetite, and reduce the absorption of fat in the intestine. As a result, all the ‘extra’ out of the body by natural means, not cumulatively. Hence – pretty quick and noticeable results.

Wrap for weight loss

The procedure for immersion in the world of flavors, essential oils, various creams and, of course, a nice, albeit very expensive. To throw a couple extra pounds or so, you must be at least 10-12 sessions wraps. And each one will cost not less than one thousand rubles. In the wrap for weight loss are commonly used formulations based on algae, chocolate and oil. Last affect not only the fat, but also the entire body. Weight loss in this method is not marked, but the effect is achieved by modeling, which is more important for those who do not want much to lose weight, but only to correct the form.

Patches of fat

The principle of the patch in that it activates the metabolism and accelerates the breakdown of fat in the sector where stuck. This is usually the waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. However, the patch only affects the outer fat, then there are those that are under the skin. The fat enveloping internal organs that remain. By the way, experts do not recommend use of adhesives for those who have cellulite. Those wishing to lose weight without effort will have to first get rid of orange peel, and then – the extra pounds.

Naturally, all of these ways of dealing with overweight try unlikely to succeed. The main thing – and have a desire to have a choice. And it is up to you.