Weighted Vests for Exercise and Weight Loss

The use of weighted vests for exercise and weight loss will burn more calories even when you’re not doing much. The added weight automatically makes the body work harder, so you don’t really need to think about it. Wearing a weighted vest while doing housework, gardening or washing the car can be your exercise on off days that you don’t workout or go to the gym. A weighted vest can also be your workout when doing body weight exercises.

Body weight exercises such as push ups, lunges and squats with a weighted vest is going to make those exercises harder, which means burning more calories. No matter what you do if you do it wearing a weighted vest you are going to burn more calories. The only thing you should be cautious of is joints, especially when it comes to running, jumping or any other high impact exercise. Extra weight of any kind can put undue stress on joints, whether it’s your own weight or added weight.

The best way to add extra weight is a little at at time giving the body time to adjust. This is why an adjustable weighted vest is recommended for those who want to intensify their workouts and avoid unnecessary injuries. In fact, it’s wise to heed this advice no matter what exercises are done wearing a weighted vest.

As you can see a weighted vest is versatile and portable making it convenient to use at home or wherever you choose to take it. I see guys in the gym wearing them to do pull ups and women wearing them as they push their baby in the stroller. Whether you want to lose weight or put on muscle, a weighted vest can help you do it. Actually, you can lose weight and gain muscle at the same time just as you can with any other resistance training exercise.

Weighted vests for exercise and weight loss are simply another weight loss tool to add into the mix. Weighted vests by themselves can’t take weight off, but when you incorportate them with healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes they will certainly do their part.

Asjustable weighted vests are typically one size fits all, however, there are some companies that make them for extra small or large individuals. As far as cost goes you can buy a quality adjustable weighted vest for under $75.