Weird article titles and importance of alien concepts

Many articles online will tell you how to write a perfect title for your own article. You will read all about using Google Keyword Tool. You will learn how important it is to stuff your title with your targeted keywords. You will discover that you need to repeat your title with different wording several times in your article…

Well, while that stuff works, kind of, perfect article title is a little different. If your title manages to capture the audience, they will read your article. Too many people forget that the readers are not Search engines. Your readers are real living people. They do not read your title using some secret algorithm. If your title is SEO optimized, it means nothing to the folks who are looking to read something intelligent.

Just consider the difference between the following two titles:

1. Top 10 reasons to SEO optimize your title for top search engine ranking

2. 10 Weirdest article titles that will go viral and take over the net

While the first title is proper and will be indexed by search engines in the right category, it will not look any different from the million other similar titles. On the other hand, whoever sees the second title, will certainly click just to satisfy their curiosity.

That curiosity is the one thing you need to focus on. People are constantly on the lookout for funny, strange and weird things. Ordinary stuff is not interesting, we want something to shake our beliefs and we want stuff that shocks us! If you wrote the same article using the two different titles listed above, you will see that:

  • First title will get your article ranked a little higher in search results. That is, it will get your article ranked higher at the beginning.
  • Second title will get you more visitors.
  • First title will get you some back links but you will have to do most of the work.
  • Second title will get everybody sharing your post and you will not believe the flood of back links.
  • The number of visits, Facebook likes, Google +1’s, Digg’s… will soon make your article with the weird title rank on the first position of the first page of Google.
  • You will see that if you stop promoting your article with the normal SEO optimized title that it will slowly go down in rank and end up lost on the 147th page of Google search results.

So, go ahead and shock people! Tell them the strange truth they do not want to hear! Insult their sensitivities with your blatant approach! They will be appalled, they will be shocked, they will say that they hate you; yet, they will comment on your article and send it to all their friends. The weirder you get – the better. Why do you think people paid money to see the Elephant man?

The formula for creating your perfectly weird title is to use the keywords that make people respond emotionally. Capture their hearts and their minds will follow.

For the end, I will give you a few keywords you can use and I am sure that you will easily find many more. Include in your title some of the words like– weird, strange, shocking, crazy, alien, bizarre… and everybody and their aunt will be talking about your article!