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Lifestyle Welcome this winter with some style & warmth!!

Welcome this winter with some style & warmth!!


Yes they are from the clan of mens wear but when worn by women they look extremely classy! Women have something about them that whatever they wear it looks just perfect!! The feminine accent shows up in every attire and adds that additional charm. The traditional jacket epitomizes boldness and a daunting spirit making you look chic & confident! From formal coats to casual jackets for women, they have evolved immensely over the time and today wearing a jacket surely scores high on the fashionistas score card. Be it with a one piece dress, skirt & top, jeans & tee or just a trouser & shirt, they go well with just anything. Adding them to your wardrobe is like giving it an eccentric mashup!

Serving the dual purpose of protection & comfort jackets is an ideal travel companion. It will protect you from all weather conditions & keep you warm & cosy. For the pahadis, gaharwalis and the localities in the montains, jackets are a part of their everyday wear and they make sure they flaunt them with style. If you ever go to a hill station, you will be amazed by the variety of jackets available- right from fur to leather to wool, they have it all. While you see a local flavour in these jackets & coats, to sharp contrast are the ones worn by New Yorkers & Londoners. Tailoring is given paramount importance there and they are immensely careful of the fit &finesse. Right from High long ladies coats to short jackets every aspect is made flamboyantly.

Welcome this winter with some style & warmth!!

Traditional Indian jackets are made with thick cotton & wool. The gujaratis&rajasthanis  flaunt them during the Navratri time swinging to the tunes of garba in love for the divine deity. They are full of colours, glass embellishments and fancy embroideries. Today designers are taking clue from the traditional hand work jackets and fusing them with classy cuts & features.

Whether on a trek or a long bike ride journey or just a client meeting, jackets can add that extra dose of style to your ensemble.When confused what to wear, slip yourself into a white tee, denim and jazz it up with a classy jacket and you are ready to be the centre of attraction! Women are opting for various kind of jackets- right from jute ones to leather, cotton, wool and the ones made with net. The net one is stunningly graceful to make you look royal and beautiful. Indeed a perfect evening wear- whether you put it on a top or a dress you are in to get a bucket full of compliments.

The internet has made the world a small place and thanks to it, fashion lovers are always updates about the ongoing fashion trends & happenings.Ladies jackets online shopping is on a roll. With attractive discounts & innovative styles, its now time to stock your cup-boards with amazing jackets to welcome the winters. So you don’t have to go to US to get those elegant uber-cool jackets, American Swan brings the latest & finest collection of female jackets online in India. Also buy women tops online, tag them with a stylish jacket and kick start this winter with glamour!!

Welcome this winter with some style & warmth!!
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