Wh? Does G?rli? Turn Blue ?nd Is Blue Garlic S?f? To E?t?

Th? Blue G?rli? Sur?ri??

Perhaps you, ?? I, h?v? b??n ???king with garlic for years, expecting garlic to remain a kind ?f ?ff-whit?, unint?r??ting color thr?ugh?ut th? ???king ?r?????. Th?n ?n? day, the g?rli? turn? a bright blu?-gr??n, ?v?n ?n aquamarine or turquoise ??l?r, tr?n?f?rming a f?mili?r dish int? ?n ?dd concoction ?f color accents that und?rmin? th? f?mili?r t?n?? we ?x???t. Th? vi?u?l impact of this changed di?h ??n be likened t? th? colors ?f tr??? in autumn, with th?ir r?d, g?ld, gr??n, and dun ??l?r?, suddenly b?ing ??l??h?d with flu?r????nt hu?? of blue ?nd gr??n r?mini???nt ?f the op art of the 60s. Autumn colors aren’t supposed to di??l?? thi? jarring contrast, nor is food. It’? un??ttling.

If one d?? ??ur garlic turn? a ?h??king shade ?f blu?, m?king ??ur homemade pickles, ??rk roast, ?r ??t ?f ??bb?g? and ki?lb??? l??k strange ?nd even poisonous, be assured th?t no m?tt?r how ?tr?ng? it l??k?, it hurt? ?nl? your ????, n?t ??ur b?d?.

My Blu? Garlic Experience

Thi? ???t Thanksgiving I volunteered t? bring ?ur f?mil?’? tr?diti?n?l Polish kielbasa and cabbage dish t? the holiday dinner. Ours i? a ?im?l? r??i?? ??n?i?ting of traditional E??t?rn Eur????n ingr?di?nt? in?luding ?ni?n, g?rli?, ??bb?g?, sausage, bl??k pepper, and ???l?. Our v?r?i?n ?f thi? di?h i? mild-t??ting ?nd ?lightl? ?w??t, and we ?ll l?v? the r??i?? ju?t ?? it is. But thi? ???r I d??id?d to charge u? th? fl?v?r a bit b? adding ??u?rkr?ut t? th? cabbage, something I h?d n?v?r d?n? b?f?r?.

B? early ?v?ning ?n Wednesday, m? kit?h?n ?m?ll?d h??v?nl? from th? ?ni?n?, ??bb?g?, ???l?, and kr?ut ?l?wl? simmering ?n th? stovetop, fr?m th? fr??hl? ?r????d whole h??d ?f garlic waiting t? g? int? the ??t, ?nd fr?m th? thinly sliced ki?lb??? r??ting on the cutting b??rd. It w?? a ?????ful moment, leaving m? with the feeling th?t ?ll i? w?ll with th? w?rld.

An h?ur b?f?r? th? ??t w?? t? finish, I ?dd?d the ?r????d g?rli? ?nd sliced ki?lb??? ?nd folded them in. Imm?di?t?l?, I began to ??? a f?w bright blue-green bit? ?f color in th? pot. A? I ?tirr?d th? ??t, more b?g?n t? appear. S??n, th? ??t ??nt?nt? w?r? l?vi?hl? sprinkled with ?h??king, almost n??n-lik?, blu?-gr??n, ??nf?tti-l??king bit?. I ?t?rt?d picking them ?ut ?nd ?utting th?m in a small di?h, but ???n g?v? u?. It seemed th? m?r? I r?m?v?d, th? m?r? ?????r?d.
It t??k a few minutes f?r m? t? r??liz? that the g?ri?h blue-green material was ?r????d g?rli? th?t had g?n? thr?ugh a color transformation. Sudd?nl?, a l?ng-f?rg?tt?n m?m?r? b?g?n t? surface ?b?ut m?king copper ?ulf?t? ?r??t?l? in my high ??h??l ?h?mi?tr? ?l???. Th? color ??rinkl?d around th? ??bb?g? and kraut in th? ??t looked ??m?wh?t lik? the ??l?r of th??? ?r??t?l?, ?nl? a bit more gr??n, in f??t, much the ??l?r of the ??rr??i?n that ??n appear at th? jun?ti?n ?f a ??r b?tt?r? ?nd it? t?rmin?l.

Never in m? cooking lif? h?d g?rli? turned blu?-gr??n, but n?v?r had I ???k?d my family’s original ki?lb??? ?nd ??bb?g? di?h with ??u?rkr?ut, ?ith?r. I ?u????t?d th? ??l?r change had ??m?thing t? d? with th? ??id in th? kr?ut ?nd wh?t?v?r ?h?mi??l? ?r? in th? garlic.
H?w Does Garlic Turn Blu??
Studi?? h?v? begun to unl??k the m??t?r? of why g?rli? turns blu?.Th??? studies h?v? f?und a number ?f ??m?li??t?d chemical processes responsible f?r garlic turning ?h?d?? of blue, gr??n, ?nd ?v?n pink under certain ??nditi?n?.

Th? colors ???ur wh?n ?nz?m?? ?nd amino acids present in g?rli? r???t with th? sulfur ??m??und? r????n?ibl? f?r g?rli?’? ?ung?nt ?m?ll. Th? r???ti?n ??u??? diff?r?nt multipyrrole m?l??ul?? to f?rm. Different t???? ?f multi??rr?l? m?l??ul?? ?r? r????n?ibl? f?r the different ?igm?nt?. The multipyrrole m?l??ul? m??t f?mili?r t? u? i? chlorophyll, ?r?du??d b? plants in the ?r???n?? of light; h?w?v?r, chlorophyll is not ?r?du??d by the cooking ?r pickling ?r??????? that turn g?rli? blu?.
V?ri?bl?? Involved in G?rli? Turning Blu? H?r? ?r? some ?f the factors that h?v? ?n influ?n?? ?n g?rli? ?h?nging ??l?r:

Age of th? garlic – Some sources say th?t newly h?rv??t?d, un?g?d garlic (m??ning g?rli? with a high water ??nt?nt), is m?r? ?r?n? to turning ??l?r; ?th?r ??ur??? ??? the ?????it?.
Add?d presence of ??id – It seems clear th?t th? presence ?f ??id? ?u?h ?? l?m?n jui?? ?r vin?g?r can cause a ??l?r ?h?ng?, ?lth?ugh not ?lw???.
Temperature – Garlic th?t i? ?r?-h??t?d m?? ?r m?? n?t r???t with ??id t? ?h?ng? ??l?r.
Color ?f g?rli? bulbs – S?m? garlic i? ?ur? white, some has tinges ?f ?ur?l? ?r r?d; the colored g?rli? may be more ?r?n? t? turning blu?-gr??n.
Th?r? i? ?t least ?n? ?l??? in th? world wh?r? g?rli? is d?lib?r?t?l? turned into a jade-green ??l?r. For ??nturi?? th? Chin??? have ?r?du??d L?b? g?rli?, a jade-green ?i?kl?d g?rli? whi?h is ?n im??rt?nt food ????m??nim?nt to ??l?br?ting the h?rv??t f??tiv?l of L?b?. If th? Chin??? ??n ??rf??t thi? color ?h?ng? in garlic, why d? w? h?v? ?nl? “accidents”?
If ??ur g?rli? turn?d blu? by ?ur?ri??, you may h?v? ?lr??d? r????r?h?d thi? ???id?nt ?nd found di??u??i?n? ?b?ut ?ulfur ??m??und? in g?rli? r???ting with ?????r ?r???nt in w?t?r supplies, ut?n?il?, or copper-rich foods. There may be validity t? thi? ?x?l?n?ti?n, in which ???? the blue color indi??t?? the presence ?f ?????r ?ulf?t?, n?t th? ?r???n?? of multi??rr?l? ?igm?nt?.
Blu? Garlic F??t? f?r th? H?m? Kitchen

Until more research is completed, h?r?’? ??m? helpful inf?rm?ti?n t? have when your garlic turns blu? in ??ur kit?h?n:

Absent ?n? ?ign ?f ???il?g? ?u?h ?? foul ?m?ll ?r m?ld, your blu? g?rli? i? ??f? to eat.
There ?r? ?? many v?ri?bl?? ??u?ing ???id?nt?l garlic color ?h?ng? that it m?? be impossible f?r ??u t? du?li??t? thi? ?ur?ri?ing ?v?nt in your h?m? kit?h?n.
N? ?n? ?? yet h?? discovered how t? turn blue g?rli? b??k t? whit?, although ??ntinuing to h??t th? turquoise garlic may dull it down t? a ?inki?h-br?wn.
Wh?n serving ??ur dish that ??nt?in? ??u?m?rin? bit? ?f ??l?r, ??? n?thing. Most f?lk?, if they notice thi? ??l?r ?t ?ll, will never ask, knowing that wh?t?v?r you bring t? the table i? good to eat b???u?? you br?ught it. If ??m??n? d??? happen t? ask wh? there ?r? bright blue-green fl??k? of color in th? di?h, t?k? th?m ??id? ?nd tell th?m your secret ?nd th?t you expect th?m to keep it: “The dish needed ??m? ??l?r.”
Share Y?ur Blue G?rli? Ex??ri?n???

N?w ??u know th?t if ??ur g?rli? turns blu? accidentally in th? ?b??n?? of ?n? sign ?f ???il?g?, don’t w?rr?. Enjoy ??ur m??l. Th?n ?h?r? your experiences here in th? ??mm?nt? ???ti?n ?? w? ??n ?ll ??mmi??r?t? with each other.