What a Good CNA Resume Can Give You

Certified Nursing Assistant employment is in high demand all over the country. Although CNAs are in demand, there is tons of competition for every open job position with our current economy. Hiring personnel as well as recruiters are still searching for nursing assistants that fit the bill that have the basic skills along with something more. Those certified nursing assistants that can also convey caring, compassionate and dependable characteristics have a bonus. Having a skill set that includes good communications is also extremely important. This is why a good resume for a CNA is important. This is what a good CNA resume can give you.

The basic application will list a work history along with references and such for certified nursing jobs. However, a genuine or bona fide resume is needed to help you get noticed by hiring managers. CNAs that have a resume in their pockets have a bonus that those that don’t will not have. A resume for a CNA will assist with listing work experience, show skills of communication in addition to career goals and a whole lot more.

Work history
Healthcare experience is a plus, but not necessary if you want to land a good position as a certified nursing assistant in the workforce. Having a terrific work attitude along with a willingness to learn and a work history that is stable makes you more desirable to hire than a CNA that doesn’t have these characteristics. These are all qualities that a good CNA resume can give a hiring manager that aren’t conveyed on a job application. Stable work histories show loyalty and character.

Details of work experience
Detailing your work experience is a plus. Basic job applications generally don’t provide enough room for a specific position to detail your work experience. Formatting a resume to tailor work experience for a specific position is wonderful and very attractive for a good CNA resume. For an example, if the position calls for experience with health insurance form submission play up this expertise in your work history in the resume submitted for the open position.
Specific info is exactly what a resume can deliver that a job application submission misses out on. Detailing work experience shows how you fit in with the current company and how you will add value.

Language is important
It is not only what you say, but also how you say it that can make a resume stand out. Recruiters for jobs are looking at nursing assistant applicants using the right terminology on their resume particulars. A great example would be listing daily responsibilities of your last job instead of simply stating you worked at the Acme Company. Additionally, describe the medical conditions and ages of the patients that you have had under your care. It does make a difference if you have cared for NICU babies as opposed to geriatric women. Make the language count where you have the room on your resume.

Make all special skills stand out
Do you speak more than one language? Do you know American Sign Language? Are you a certified life guard? Did you take extra classes outside of those required for your certification? Business or accounting classes at the college level make you more valuable than a certified nursing assistant that did not. Any skills that are unique to you should be talked about with a good certified nursing assistant resume.

What if you don’t have work experience?
For the certified nursing assistant without a work history don’t let your resume suffer. You can certainly convey that you are on the first step to a successful career in nursing. State something along these lines;

As a nursing assistant my goal and objective is to obtain a position to satisfy a long term desire to help people. This is the first step in my quest for a long term career in the healthcare field. My future goals include continuing my education that will lead to a Registered Nurse license.

This information details what a good CNA resume can give you. The open position that you desire is only a good resume away.