What am I here for?

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? What is my purpose? I can tell I sure as hell have and I even contemplated suicide because I felt I had no purpose. Thank God my dad and very close friend of the family were there. Guess what, they did not try to talk me out of it they just asked me what I wanted to do before I did that and I began to think. I thought I want to take my older son back east to see his dad and there is much more to the story but for now I will just say I found a new “purpose”. My mind immediately shifted to planning my trip. So for anyone who is considering suicide or knows someone who is take it from me do not try to talk them out of it, validate their feelings whether logical or not and then you can re-direct them to a new goal. Every person is a child of God and he/she has been blessed with talents it may be to speak, motivate, sing, invent, write, draw, cook, mechanics, play instruments, listen and make others feel comfortable, inspire, lead, direct, organize, find the silver lining in situations, poetry, and the list goes on and on.

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Many times we all unfortunately accept the opinions of others that scar our spirit, take the wind out of our sails, or completely devastate our confidence and we give up. It is at this time we need to look up and ask God to guide our lives, He is just waiting for us to ask Him into our lives. Being a ”vessel” sets you apart from the rat race, life is now a treasure map and although you are seeking the “treasure” it comes in many forms. For example, I work for a wonderful company Home Instead Senior Care and I always ask God to guide me through my day. I do plan but I stay open to “the voice” that tells me go here or go there. I locked my keys in the house this morning and was not happy. I went to a friend and he helped me get in but in the process we talked and were able to “mend the fence” on some unresolved issues which needed to be addressed and not ignored. Thank you God, I needed that.

Open your heart to God and listen for the “voice” it is undeniably evident and you will know it when you hear it. You will not hear it like a voice it will come from within and you may even argue with it like I tried but I asked, I believed, and I needed to be receptive to the directions.

I wish you all the best life has to offer you-trust in your true being and know you have what it takes to make your dreams come true!

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What am I here for?, Seekyt
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