What Are Dentures And Bridges?

If you find that you’ve lost several teeth, or they are weak and softened, there are some good solutions to maintaining a pretty smile. Your dentist will present you with a plethora of options that are appropriate for your specific situation. That just may mean getting dentures or bridges.

Dentures are a typical replacement for missing teeth. They are usually made with acrylic resin, and are usually removable. The dentist should tell you about the four major types of dentures. For instance, complete dentures are installed after all of the teeth and tissue has been removed. Partial dentures are commonly referred to as “bridges”. They fill the gaps when just a few teeth are missing. If you are using conventional dentures, then all of your teeth have been removed, and you’ve been fitted for full dentures. The last type of dentures is immediate dentures. They fit directly into the mouth once the teeth have been pulled. Adjustments are made at this time.

Once you receive your dentures, it’s vital that you keep them free of food particles and other debris. These can cause infection and bad breath. You’ll need to remove the dentures daily, and brush them with tools specifically made for dentures. It is very important that you never use harsh chemicals on your dentures. Also, never boil them, as this will misshape them. As with any dental procedure, you’ll want to maintain checkups with your dentist. They will help you avoid discomfort and irritation around your gums.

Bridges are usually the best option for patients that only need 1 or more teeth replaced. They are not removable. Instead, they are cemented right on the affected area. Each type of bridge solves a different dental problem. If you have a dental cap that covers the tooth, it is ideal because of the natural look while holding the traditional bridge together. On the other hand, a resin-bonded bridge fuses together the artificial teeth together with a particular type of cement. It is most often found in cases where teeth have been lost in the front of the mouth. Finally, a cantilever bridge is the best solutions when there is only 1 tooth on each side of the missing tooth.

As you would expect with any dental care, it is important to keep your mouth clean in order to avoid infection. You’ll want to brush after every meal, removing debris that gets caught in your dental work. Stay away from sugary and starchy foods. They can more quickly add plaque that will add damaging acids to your bridge. Once your bridge is complete, you should floss daily. Your dentist will recommend a particular type of floss that can reach all parts of your bridge. If you’ll maintain proper hygiene and schedule regular dental visits, your dental bridge should last up to ten years.

Dentures and bridges are unique solutions for dental problems. They can be a great aid in brightening any patients smile. Ask your dentist about the best options for repair or replacement of your damaged teeth. Once you’ve received dental work, it is of great importance that you properly care and maintain your teeth.

Go and see your local Hendersonville Dentist for dental problems. They will be able to apply fixes such as fixed porcelain bridges.