What Are Different Techniques Of Stump Removal?

stump removal

There are many techniques available for the stump removal. Some of them are very easy and some of them are quite difficult to perform. However, now many people prefer stump grinding because it is a commonly used way of removing stumps. People look for stump removing services in order to make their land stump free and reduce the obstacles from their way. Some popular methods of stump removing are chemical removal process, mechanical removal process and manual removal process. There are also fire removal and natural removal processes, but these processes take too much time for the completion of the work. Below mentioned are details about every process of stump removal; you can choose a suitable one.

Stump grinding:

This is the most popular process of stump removal. In this process the stump grinding machine is utilized for removing the stump. This technique of removing dead tree stumps is known as the best technique because it makes stump a part of the earth. It also does not take a lot of time like the manual or natural processes take. By the way, some guidelines are very important in order to follow before using the grinding machine. A person, who operates the machine, gears up with full protection. Additionally, you need to operate the machine carefully so that you do not damage yourself.

Chemical removal process:

In chemical approach, various chemicals are used to remove stump. Mainly among these chemicals potassium nitrate is used in order to decompose the root of tree. Well, this process is not as fast as grinding, but it totally eliminates the durability of the stump. After using the chemicals you need to wait for the decomposition of stump. Not just the potassium nitrate, but nowadays several other chemicals are also being used removing order to remove the irritating stump. However, not every person prefers chemical process because everyone cannot apply the perfect amount of chemicals. Additionally, the chemicals can also harm the skin or any other organ of the users.

Manual approach of stump removal:

This is an ancient and widely used approach of stump removal. In this approach the stump is removed by using the manpower and not any machine or chemical. One tree cutting tools are utilized for removing stump. This approach of removing stump can go for a long time according to the shape of tree. If the tree stump is wide, it can also take one or two weeks for the removal. If the tree stump is of medium or small size, it can be removed easily in one or two days. Open standing stumps can become reason of accidents in the family. Kids are prone to accident or adult people may face serious injuries in feet. Just to prevent such events, stump removal is very important.

Fire removal:

This is another common and a method used from a long time in order to remove the stumps. In the ancient time, many people did not waste their time in removing stumps. They would simply burn it and leave. Even today there are many people in rural regions who apply these techniques, but it is dangerous. You cannot put fire to the stumps in jungle and also not near your home. Day by day, trend of burning stumps is coming down and now people are utilizing some new techniques.

There is also another way of stump removal and that is called nothing. This way may amaze you, but it is a slow process of stump decomposition. Nature itself removes the dead elements, but it takes too much time. If the stumps are in useless place, you should not spend your money on removing them. If stumps are creating problem in your yard, garden or way of your home, then you should apply stump grinding or any other advance techniques to remove the stumps. This is how you can remove stumps with great ease and get a plain land to work, sit and play.