An exhibition is an organized and sorted display of particular items. It is a mode of communication between the company and the people. It may also be organized to showcase certain things that are just informative and have nothing to do with business. Or they might be for entertainment purposes like art exhibitions where people can come and enjoy looking at the beautiful and creative things set before them. Exhibitions have an important role to play in every society. They attract tourists and thus help increase the economy.

They also help businessmen in increasing their profits by showcasing their goods in front of the people. They help a student gain knowledge that he might not find in his books. So they are a very important asset of every society.

Different types of exhibitions
There are many different types of exhibitions. Some of them are as follows.

Art exhibitions: Such types of exhibitions include the showcasing of almost everything that is related to the world of art. The main purpose of having such exhibitions is that they provide art lovers a chance to come and marvel at the beautiful masterpieces of art.
Interpretive exhibitions: These exhibitions generally focus on the explanation and functioning of particular items that are being displayed. This is more of a science and technology related display of things.

Commercial exhibitions: Commercial exhibitions are also known as expos. They are organized by businessmen so that people can get to know more about their products. This helps the businessmen as people start to buy those products if they are impressed by the exhibitions. And because of that, the sales and profits of the business start to increase.

Why are exhibitions an important part of any country?
Exhibitions play a very vital role for any country. Firstly they provide valuable information about certain products to the people. This helps to increase sales for the businessman and it helps him to achieve giant success. They also provide valuable information and broaden their knowledge about the various items that are being displayed. Another benefit is that certain glamorous exhibitions attract tourists from around the world. This causes the flow of foreign cash to come storming into their country which greatly helps in building up the economy. Event management companies also benefit greatly because they are the ones who are given the jobs for organizing, decorating and furnishing these exhibitions. These companies can make a lot of money just by organizing these festivals.

Some important exhibitions in Dubai
The huge city of Dubai is always swarming with excitement and activity. The city is always busy in all kinds of activities like events, carnivals, festivals, celebrations and exhibitions. Let us now take a look at the Exhibitions. There is a large variety of exhibitions that take place every year in the city of Dubai. The most popular among these include the Cityscape Global. This is a marketing exhibition which revolves mainly around architecture, development, investment etc. Another prominent exhibition is the GITEX (The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), which has its focus primarily on electronics and computer trade. The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is also another major exhibition which is the world’s second largest healthcare tradeshow. The event management companies are responsible for furniture, venue and Exhibition Stand Design Dubai.

Exhibitions are a very important part of every society. They provide valuable information, attract tourists, increase product sales and much much more. They must be vastly organized in every society. They also help increase economy for the country as a whole.