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What Are Free To Play MMORPG's


Th?nks ?n p?rt to MMORPG? l?ke EverQu??t ?nd W?rld ?f W?rcraft, g?m?rs ?n North Americ? and Eur?p? h?v? gr?wn ?ncr????ngl? ?omfortabl? with monthl? gam? ?ubscr??t?ons. Alt?rnativ? rev?nu? mod?l? hav? b?en ?round f?r ? long t?me, but th?y’r? ?nl? beg?nning to ??tch on h?re th? w?? th?y h?ve in f?r??gn markets. Turbin? m?ved two ?f th?ir titl?s t? ? fr??-to-?l?y (F2P) s??t?m ?n re??nt ?e?rs w?th ??nsid?r?ble ?uccess, and a numb?r ?f oth?r g?m?? h?v? foll?w?d th?ir l?ad. Whil? th?s m?y ???m lik? ? harmle?? w?y t? g?v? c?nsum?r? m?r? o?tion?, not ?v?ryon? ?? ha??y ?bout ?t, ?? h?r?’s a ?loser l?ok ?t the F2P trend.

Wh?t ?? F2P?

A? w? all know, fr?e th?ng? ?ft?n ??m? with ?tr?ng? ?tt??hed, ?nd th?t ?? ?ert??nl? true of F2P g?me?. Unl?ke ?tra?ghtf?rw?rd m?nthl? sub?cr??t??n?, ther? ?r? many v?ri?t?on? ?n the F2P m?del. Ab?ut th? onl? th?ng all F2P game? h?v? in ??mmon ?r? b?s?? ver??on? th?t ?r? fr?e to d?wnl?ad ?nd ?l??. Alth?ugh th?y d?n’t h?v? t?me l?m?t? l?ke fr?? tr??l?, the? ?r? t?????ll? lim?t?d in ?th?r w?y? t? en?our?g? ?eopl? t? ??end m?n?y on the game. As ? result, the ?mount th?t a F2P g?me c?n ?ctuall? b? ?njo??d for fr?? var?es greatl? fr?m one ?l?y?r to an?th?r ?nd fr?m ?n? gam? to the n?xt.

Of c?ur?e, it ???ts m?ne? t? devel?p ?nd o?er?te ?n onl?n? gam?, ?? ev?n F2P gam?s ne?d ? source ?f r?v?nue. Th? m??t ??mmon a?pr???he? are it?m ?h?p? th?t l?t pl?y?r? bu? in-g?m? p?rk? or ?ddit??n?l ?ont?nt, and ?pti?n?l ?rem?um ?c??unts that ??m? w?th ? trad?ti?n?l sub??ripti?n f??. S?m? com??ni?? hav? ?l?o tr??d to m?ke m?ney w?th ?n-gam? adv?rt???ng, ?lth?ugh this h?sn’t ??t had th? s?me level ?f su??e?s as th? f?rm?r m?d?ls.

A Bad R?put?t??n?

Fr?? ?? g?n?r?ll? ?on?ider?d ? good th?ng, s? many ???ple ??? F2P ?s a w?lcom? alt?rn?tiv? to th? ???-to-?l?y m?del. N?v?rth?l?ss, th?re are m?n? com?la?nts ab?ut F2P g?m?? and th?ir ?m?act ?n th? ?ndu?tr? ?s ? wh?le. Oft?n m??s-produced on t?ght budg?t?, F2P h?s ga?n?d a re?ut?t?on f?r ?ub-?t?nd?rd qu?l?ty, long gr?nd?, and qu??ti?n?ble pri?ing ?ch?me?. How?v?r, th? busin?s? mod?l ma? not b? ?s mu?h t? bl?m? as th? ?m?l?mentat??ns of ?t. The r???nt ?d?pt?on ?f F2P b? ??veral ?ub?cr??ti?n g?m?? h?s g?ne ??m? d??t?nc? toward red?em?ng th?s ?lt?rnativ?, ?nd ?t ?h?uld al?? b? r?membered that ? subs?ri?tion f?e is not ? gu?rant?? of h?gh qu?lit?.

Alth?ugh th?re ?re ? gr?w?ng number ?f d?vel?per? ?x?er?m?nting w?th F2P gam?? the?e d??s, I th?nk th? different revenu? mod?l? w?ll ??nt?nu? t? co-ex?st, ?s th?y hav? f?r many ?ear?. Th? F2P conc??t ?sn’t r??lly ? w?rld ??art from th? free d?mo? and fr?? tri?ls of old; it all?ws ??u t? pl?y ? ??rti?n ?f the game to f?nd ?ut ?f you w?nt to ???nd m?n?y ?n ?t. A lot de??nd? ?n ?ust how mu?h ?eo?le ex???t to g?t befor? o??ning their w?ll?ts, ?nd wh?t kind ?f v?lue th?? g?t ?ft?r ???ning th?ir w?ll?ts.

Here’s ? qu??k ?ummar? ?f th? pr?s ?nd ?ons ?f F2P.


• Peo?le c?n tr? ? game f?r ?xt?nd?d ?er??d? ?f t?me b?f?r? ?pend?ng mon?? ?n it.

• P???l? can ?n??? ? g?m? per?odic?lly w?thout p?y?ng ? m?nthl? fe? f?r th??? months th?t th?y h?v? ver? l?ttle t?me t? pl??.

• In som? w?ys it g?v?s ??u more c?ntr?l ?ver th? ?mount you s?end ?n a game.

• F2P m?k?? it m?re ?ractical to ?njo? ??veral g?me? ?t the ??me t?me, whi?h c?n g?t qu?te ?ostl? w?th ?ub??r?pti?n t?tl??.


• F2P g?mes var? dram?t???lly in ?ricing. It’s h?rd t? t?ll at th? ?uts?t how mu?h ?ou w?ll h?v? t? ?p?nd to k?e? the g?m? en?o??bl?, or r?ma?n ??m??t?tive.

• Micr?-tr?n??ctions ?r?n’t alw??? micr?. If ?eo?le f?nd ? game really c?m??lling it m?? ?nd u? co?t?ng th?m m?re th?n aver?g? ?ub?cr?pt??n pl?n would.

• F2P ri?k? be??ming ?ay-to-w?n. P?y?ng ?om?t?m?s m??n? g?tt?ng a ??m?etit?ve advantage ?r ?dvancing in the g?m? m?r? qui?kl?, whi?h t?nd? t? offend th??? with l?m?t?d ??sh on hand.

• P??ment ?lans ??n b? ?om?l???ted, d?c?pt?v?, and e??il? ?bus?d if ? g?me runs int? fin?nc?al ?r?blems.

• Banned pl?y?r? ??n cre?te ?dd?t??nal ????unt? with?ut hav?ng t? re-pur?h??e the gam? ?l??nt.

The Best ?f Both W?rld??

It’s w?rth n?t?ng th?t F2P ?nd ?ub??r?pt??n bus?n?s? mod?ls ?re not mutu?ll? ex?lu??v?. In ??m? ????? ? F2P v?r?i?n ?s ??u?led w?th ?n ??t??n?l ?ub??r?pti?n pl?n that in?lud?? ?c??ss to all of the gam?’? f??tur?s. I ?usp?ct th?t a ?ombin?ti?n ?f bus?ne?? m?del? ?? th? w?? f?rward, be??u?? ther?’s n? r???on a g?m? ??n’t ?ff?r ? fre? ver?i?n ?long w?th both an ?t?m ?h?p and ?n all-inclu?ive monthl? ?ubs?ri?t?on. In the ?nd the ?u?c??s ?f thi? ?p?ro?ch w?ll com? d?wn to th? im?l?mentat??n, but I’m quit? ??t?mi?ti? that th?y will ?ventually get ?t r?ght.

What Are Free To Play MMORPG's
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What Are Free To Play MMORPG's

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