News What are healthy foods?

What are healthy foods?


The food that you take affects the condition of your body. There are several types of foods which are good for your heath such as natural food, comfort foods and organic foods. These foods are usually composed of fruits and vegetables which can be easily eaten and digest by the body. Many persons prefer to eat this kind of foods because of its high level of nutritive.

The child’s growth is greatly affected by the amount of nutrition he takes and the environmental factors. Some children grow fast and others take time. Parents are advice to give their children the proper nutrition they need. Children needs to grow healthy and strong so each parent must take an initiative to provide their children with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are a parent of a child below nine-year old, you must practice feeding your child with foods high in nutrients and balance nutrition. You are a parent who must be responsible for the health of your child so you must take an initiative to give him healthy foods. Healthy foods are those foods which are under the food pyramid. This is composed of go, grow and glow foods. Go foods such as rice, bread, root crops, wheat, and cereals are best source of heat and energy needed by the body. Another set of foods such as meat, eggs, fish, milk and beans are best source of calcium and protein which your child needs for great body development and strong bones. These foods are known as grow foods. On the other hand, glow foods are group of foods like fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals protecting the body against different diseases and infections while giving strong immune system. These three basic food groups are required to be part of the regular meal of your child to ensure his good nutrition and essential growth. There are children who needs the encouragement of his parent to eat foods especially foods and vegetables. In your case you can talk to your child and persuade him to eat those nutritious foods that you prepare for him. Make him eat the green leafy vegetables on his plate and make him used to eat it. If you need to be stern to let your child obey you, then do it. It is okay to discipline your child in eating. It is for his good. A parent like you must be consistent in giving restrictions for the foods that your child is eating. It is your obligation to help your child develop a good eating habit and food – conscious. Explain to your child that you love him and you care for him so much that’s why you are doing all these things. Then, your child will understand you. The habitual eating of nourishing foods belonging to the three basic food groups can build a healthy body and active growth of your child so it will be no more worries for a mom like you.

Then, one day you will be surprise that your child has a good performance in school and is very active in class. He belongs to the top ten ranking and you as a mom will surely be proud of him. This is all because of the healthy foods that he eats and your moral support as his mother which made him achieve such a very significant achievement. All of these will happen when your child get a sound mind and a sound body due to healthy foods that he eats so indeed now is a great time to make this event happen.

What are healthy foods?
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