What are nutrients?

Nutrients are chemicals found naturally in foods. The agency uses for its development, maintenance and operation. Besides nutrients provide energy to the body. The amount of nutrients varies depending on each product. Some foods are richer than others in certain nutrients.

The importance of variety and balance

But the golden rule in nutrition is that no food, no matter how full it is, is able by itself to meet the nutritional needs of each individual.

Therefore it is important to a healthy diet, varied and balanced, ie a diet that includes foods from all the different groups to ensure adequate intake of nutrients.

Variety is the key. Also the balance. Admeasure most foods is the basis for a healthy life. It also ensures that all take adequate amounts of nutrients. Because not all foods of the same group are good sources of these nutrients.

Types of nutrients

Essential nutrients are substances that the body can not produce or does so inadequate and must be obtained from the diet, while non-essential nutrients if they are produced by the body from other components.
Nutrients or nutrients found in greater quantities in some foods are:

carbohydrates (also denomimados carbohydrates or sugars): sugar, potatoes, cereals and cereal products (pasta or bread).
protein: meat, fish, eggs, legumes and nuts.
fats or lipids: in vegetable oils (olive oil, sunflower seeds) butter, whole milk or cheese.
Vitamins: mostly in vegetables and fruit, but also in meat, fish and cereals.
minerals in vegetables and fruit, also rich in antioxidants. In addition to cereals, meat and fish.