What are organic chia seeds?

When mixed with water, organic chia seeds can have the consistence of thickened gelatin. This is because they retain water. This makes them an excellent choice as an additive for herbal teas, some sauces, and stews.

Chia seed with salad?

Even in their natural state, organic chia seeds can be added “dry” to salads or simply eaten raw. Are there benefits to eating live super foods such as chia seeds? Some people believe these seeds can aid in weight loss and incorporate these live superfoods in their healthy lifestyle.

The Aztec cilivisation used chia for their daily nutrition. Since organic chia seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids, they are considered to have live superfoods properties that the body needs to reach optimal health. Whether ground and placed in flour, or added to any drink – these seeds are versatile health aids.

Making “chia seed fresca”

Add organic chia seeds to water, with a little coconut sugar, some lime or lemon and ice. Blend a few tablespoons into a morning smoothie and an ordinary smoothie now contains live superfoods. The chia seed is versatile and nutritious.

On the fence?

Still don’t know if trying these organic seeds may help you? Ask a doctor before deciding to incorporate chia into any diet. While these live superfoods do offer many benefits, check with a doctor to ensure these live superfoods do not interact with current medications.

Once a doctor ok’s taking this superfood, look online for recipes. Decide how many times a week a raw diet will be incorporated and stick to a “schedule.” Don’t go all out at first.

New chia users may be easily overwhelmed by the amount of recipes calling for chia seeds on the Internet. This is why it is important to use chia no more than 50 percent starting out!