What Are People Searching For Now

Are you looking for ways to see what are people searching for now? Well I was curious about this too so I did some research to find some tools that you can use to do this. It’s actually not quite as straightforward as I assumed it would be to find this information. There used to be a lot of sites out there that would scrape this information for you, but during my research I found that a lot of them no longer existed so I had to look elsewhere. Anyway, here are a few useful tools I found that still exist and allow you to see what are people searching for now. Some are real-time and some are not, but they all give a good indication at the very least.

Yahoo! – Yahoo shows what’s “trending now” on their homepage so if you go there you can see what the top 10 current trending searches are based on what’s being searched on Yahoo!. These always seem very odd to me for some reason compared to other results, but it is what it is.

Google Zeitgeist – Zeitgeist means “the spirit of the times” and good provides this as a way to see how the world searched in a given year. As of when I’m writing this, they don’t yet show 2011 results, but I’m sure it will be updated soon.

Google Trends – Using this service from Google, you can check search terms to see how their popularity changed over time. But on this page Google also shows “Hot Searches” that show you what’s popular now. It’s a great tool for keeping tabs on what’s going on in the internet.

Google Hot Trends – In addition to the “Hot Searches” listed above, Google provides their Hot Trends list, which can show you up to the top 100 searches and is updated throughout each day. You can either search today or change the date to look at any day you want. This is only available for U.S. data at this time.

These are all great resources and all are free. There are additional tools out there which you can pay for if you have an interest for your business or something but these free tools can provide all the information most casual searchers would need. They each will show slightly different data depending on when you try them and where you are located (Google tailors search results to where you are located). Try them out and see what are people searching for now!