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What Are SERPS & How to Increase Your Ranking

You may not have heard of SERPS but they are familiar to you. They are Search Engine Results Pages. They are the organically produced results that come from a Google or other search engine search. They are one of the many ways that small businesses find new customers and unfortunately for us all Google is reducing the number of SERPS returned in favour of its own advertising. This new strategy of Google’s is making it harder for new businesses to be recognized through organic search results; however, all is not lost. There can still be some ways to keep your page ranking high in the search engine results pages and buy following a few simple steps you can ensure that your site is well positioned.

How To Increase Your Rankings

Optimise Google Places Listing
One way to increase your SERPs ranking is to ensure that you have an updated and optimised Google places listing. You need to make sure your number, address, and phone number or NAP are current, working and accessible to your intended clients. If you aren’t listed in Google Places it makes it harder for you to optimise your local SEO. Local SEO being one of the key ingredients in making sure you are highly listed in your area.

Pay for Ad Space
Another way that you can ensure that you are listed high in the google search engine results pages is to pay for advertising. Because they are making their ads more prominent on search engine pages it would behove you to pay for a small amount of ad space once and a while to maximize your exposure. Although it may seem counter intuitive to your SEO strategy. The important thing to remember is that SEO is all about getting visitors to your site.

Focus on New Keywords
Yet another way that you can ensure that your search engine optimisation is doing its job is by focusing on new keywords and making sure that you are using the most dynamic and appropriate keywords to ensure that the hits you get from searches are relevant to your current marketing strategy. This allows you to focus on new customers as well as different customers from your previous keyword strategy it also allows you to vary up your SEO campaign and that keeps your page fresh and in the minds of new people. It also beefs up your content in a way that allows you to find more people.

Now that you know that SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages, you are ready to make the neccesary changes needed to keep your website in compliance with all of googles many search engine optimisation best practices. Then you are ready to make changes to your website to maximize it’s efficiency which is what SEO is all about. Using SEO to increase the value that potential customers get from y our page is what SEO is ultimately all about. It is a strategy that adds to your websites quantity of information and quality for the sake of your customer and potential customers.

Author is professional writer, presently working for Seo Company Sydney.

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