What are Supersets in Weight Training

What are supersets in weight training? Superset weight training, in some circles, is considered to be an advanced weight training method, since it is used primarily in body building. I beg to differ, as I use superset techniques in my workouts and have for over 10 years and I am by no means a body builder nor am I interested in advanced forms of weight training.

What I do care about is saving time in my workouts and boosting metabolism, which is why I use superset techniques. In fact, my entire weight training workout, once I finish cardio, is one big superset, sometimes referred to as giant sets.

The basic principle behind supersetting is two sets back to back with no rest in between. To add to this, there are tri-sets, which is 3 sets back to back and giant sets, as mentioned above, that are more than 3 sets back to back. Supersetting can be very intense depending on how heavy the weights are, as well as how many reps are in the sets. This is why supersetting could be considered advanced weight training; however, when you lighten the weight and lessen the reps to suit your fitness level anyone can do superset techniques. In time, you can increase level of intensity as level of fitness progresses.

To diversify supersets you can work muscle groups in a couple of different ways. My favorite way to superset is to work opposing muscle groups, so that while a muscle group is resting the other is working. For example, the back and chest are two separate muscle groups and to superset them you first do a set of chest presses and immediately following do lat pull downs or vice versa.

When you want to superset same muscle groups you simply do another set that works the same muscle group. An example of this for the back would be a combination of lat pull downs followed by seated back rows or possibly dumbbell bent over rows.

Basically, superset techniques are limitless when it comes to diversifying a workout. You can superset upper body and lower body or any combination you want, creating muscle confusion.

P90X is the ultimate muscle confusion workout; however, you can create your own with superset techniques.