News What are the advantages of artificial grass over real...

What are the advantages of artificial grass over real grass?


For anyone in the position of installing new grass into their yard, around their property or anywhere else of need, they need to seriously consider artificial grass. This option may not pop into the minds of everyone, but with all of the advantages, it really should. The pros far outweigh the cons and anyone who decides to make the move from traditional grass to artificial. This is not the fake looking astro turf used on outdoor sporting venues in the late 80s and early 90s (although for people who want the carpet-like look of the astro turf for a patio area, this is certainly an option and can work in many locations). This is a product that looks and feels just like real grass, only with serious benefits over it.

Now Mowing

What are the advantages of artificial grass over real grass?

While there are some people who enjoy mowing a yard, the vast majority of people find it as an inconvenience. Something that takes them out of their enjoyable weekend and is just another chore they need to do around the house. Some days the weather is nice out and it can be somewhat relaxing, but often times, it is too hot or the weather just does not cooperate. Beyond this, it requires someone to go out and purchase a mower, fuel and a place to store the mower. Instead, with artificial grass, none of this is a requirement at all and the property owner can simply have the artificial grass installed and they are ready to go from there.

Always Green

Real grass needs to have a constant supply of water. In general, the lawns throughout Dublin and most of Ireland do not have much of a problem with receiving adequate amounts of moisture throughout the year. However, there are times where it may not rain, which causes the grass to turn a dull brown colour. On top of this, There may be certain areas of natural grass that sit under overhangs, preventing the area from receiving the natural water anyways. In order to combat any of these issues, a property owner needs to water the areas of the lawn not receiving the right amount of rain. This increases the bills someone spends on their home, when artificial grass does not have this kind of problem at all. It looks perfect throughout the year, no matter what the weather is like.

What are the advantages of artificial grass over real grass?

Less Expensive in the Long Run

Having a new artificial lawn in Dublin installed may cost more up front. However, the long term financial benefit should not be shortchanged. First, a property owner does not need to purchase a lawn mower, fuel and oil for the mower, nor do they need to purchase a shed for the mower (if they do have a shed, they can use the space they save for additional gardening tools). It also does not require any additional watering or anything like this at all. In the long run, fake grass in Dublin is the most cost effective option.

Different Looks

Imitation grass in Dublin is designed to look like real grass. However, there are different looks and styles that can be obtained with this. Someone may want the look of Kentucky Blue Grass, which can be replicated. They may also want to bring in the green feeling into a patio with the help of astro turf grass. There are more options in regards to astro turf for obtaining a set look than there are with real grass. So, from Amazon Artificial Grass to several other variations, there really is no comparison between real grass and the benefits that artificial grass can provide.

What are the advantages of artificial grass over real grass?
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