What Are The Benefits Of Built In Wardrobes?

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If you are trying to determine whether freestanding or a built in wardrobes are the right choice for your home, you’re not alone! This is a choice that many homeowners are forced to make – freestanding wardrobes are often appealing because they can be taken with you, whilst built in ones often feature a much more attractive design. In this article, we have specifically focused on the latter option and outlined some of their benefits below.

  • Perfect Storage
    These wardrobes aren’t just perfect for the bedroom, they can also provide other rooms in the home (such as the study and laundry) with some much-needed storage. In the bedroom, they’re used in the traditional sense – to store clothing and accessories. In other rooms, they can be used to store books, office supplies, cleaning products, linen, blankets and much more – the possibilities are endless!
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  • Flexible Designs
    There are a lot of choices with these wardrobes; the interior can include a number of solutions to keep your things organised, including – shelves (pull out, adjustable or fixed), baskets, hanging racks, shoe racks, tie racks, belt racks and hideaway cabinets. You also have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the exterior, particularly the doors. They could be sliding, swing or even bifold.

  • Easily Installed
    The great thing about built in wardrobes is that, contrary to popular belief, they are easily installed in your home. We definitely recommend having the whole structure professionally installed, as this will ensure that the project goes off without a hitch. Some homeowners, however, like to purchase a kit that they’re able to install themselves; we don’t recommend doing this if you have no DIY experience.

  • Aesthetic Appeal
    These wardrobes hold significant aesthetic appeal, as they’re designed to look as if they’ve always been in the space. The last thing you want is a structure that sticks out like a sore thumb, as it will take away from the appearance of the room as a whole. When professionally designed, these robes can blend seamlessly into the space. In some cases, they can even make the room feel bigger than what it is.

  • Value Adding
    These wardrobes can be used to significantly increase the value of your home, which is handy if you can see yourself moving in the future. When prospective buyers are looking at your home, they’ll definitely be paying attention to how much storage is available – a home with robes in each bedroom is far more attractive than a home without any storage, and you’ll find that people are willing to pay top dollar.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with the installation of built in wardrobes over freestanding ones. If you feel that your home is lacking in any of the areas outlined above, this is an option that you should definitely consider. If you’re having trouble coming to a final decision regarding the design, we recommend speaking to a professional – they’ll have plenty of experience with these wardrobes and will steer you in the right direction.

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What Are The Benefits Of Built In Wardrobes?, Seekyt
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