What Are The Benefits Of Eating Cashews?

Do you know what are the benefits of eating cashews? Cashew nuts are becoming more and more popular not only because of their flavor, but because of the benefits that they offer too! Cashews are one of the most nutritious nuts. You can buy them in many different forms: salted, roasted, coated etc. Let’s check what are the health benefits that consuming cashews provides.

Benefits of eating cashews

Cardiovascular health: Cashews are cardioprotective nuts. Even though they contain a high amount of fats, it’s considered a benefit. That’s because the ratio of the different types of fat is optimal (approximately three fourths of their fat consists of unsaturated fatty acids). Cashews also contain phytosterols (the same phytosterols are contained in pumpkin seeds) and other healthy fatty acids, which promote the health of your heart. The nuts don’t contain any cholesterol. Researchers link the great influence on heart and cardiovascular health with high amounts of oxidants in nuts. Cashews are also high in magnesium, which is one of the minerals that protects your cardiovascular system against high blood pressure. If you want to reduce the risk of suffering from any cardiovascular or coronary disease in the future, you should consider adding cashews to your daily diet.

Weight control: As I’ve mentioned earlier, cashews contain a lot of good fat. Unfortunately, some people avoid them because of the amount of fat in them. That’s a mistake. Research has proved that people that don’t consume nuts are more likely to gain weight than people how consume them on a daily basis. Please notice, that it doesn’t mean that cashews, or any other nuts are some kind of miraculous food – they (probably) won’t help you lose weight. The risk of gaining weight is reduced probably because cashews (because of their nutrients) are very filling and we feel satiated for a longer period of time after eating them. Remember that cashews are very dense in energy, so you shouldn’t consume them in enormous portions.

Healthy bones: The magnesium found in cashews is responsible for quite a few processes in the human body. It’s also needed to keep your bones healthy. Some of it stays on the surface of the bones – it’s used when needed. Magnesium is also used to give bones their physical structure. That’s why one needs a lot of magnesium after breaking ones arm.

Reducing the risk of gallstone disease: Eating any kind of nuts, peanuts or peanut butter on a daily basis helps you to lower the risk of gallstones growth.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants that are present in cashews in great amount don’t only help your cardiovascular system. They also protect your cells from the damage that free radicals might cause.

Other benefits: There are numerous benefits that one can get from eating cashews. They are all linked with some of the beneficial nutrients contained in those nuts. Cashews are known to lower the frequency of migraine attacks, help women that suffer from menopausal sleep disturbances and reduce excessive muscle and nerve contraction (the last symptom caused by lack of magnesium). Copper contained in cashews enhances the process of energy production and reinforces the defensive properties provided by antioxidants. If you diet lacks copper, manganese, magnesium or phosphorus, eating cashews might be a great way to cover those lacks.

Cashews, similarly to almonds, peanuts or walnuts, offer many benefits and help with many issues. Even though they contain a lot of fat, most of it is unsaturated (monounsaturated especially) fat, so you don’t have to worry about lots of saturated fat in them. I hope, that now you know what are the benefits of eating cashews.