What Are The Benefits Of Using Drop Arm Awnings?

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For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a drop arm awning works by pivoting in an arc – downwards to lower the covering and upwards to retract it. The arms hold the awning in place when it is fully extended, stretching the fabric over and across the window. Whilst you have probably seen them put to use in many homes around Australia, you might be wondering what has made them such a great and popular option for many homeowners?

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One of the main benefits of these awnings is that they offer a great deal of flexibility. This means that you can choose from a wide range of different sizes and styles, that they can be used on small windows all the way through to large ones, and that you can choose between a wide range of fabrics (such as canvas, acrylic, PVC and mesh). All of this combines to ensure that awnings are the perfect solution for matching your home’s décor, whatever it may be.

Easy to Use

Another benefit of these awnings is that they are incredibly easy to use. If you have opted for a manual option, this is achieved through the convenient placement of a crank handle or winder. If you have opted for a motorised option, this is achieved by a button that raises or lowers the covering for you. The motorised option also offers the added functionality of wind sensors, meaning that the arms will be automatically retracted when the wind gets too strong.


Another benefit of these awnings is that they allow for a greater amount of air circulation in and around your home. This is because quite a large amount of space is left between the covering itself and your window, allowing the air to freely circulate. This means that you can ventilate your home without having to retract the covering and invite the hot summer sun inside, providing you with a natural way to cool the space. You will be very appreciative of this in summer!

Energy Efficient

One of the final benefits of these awnings is that they are fantastic for improving the energy efficiency of your home, especially during those hot summer months. This is because they provide effective shading for your windows and other glassed areas, keeping the heat off and preventing it from getting inside your home. These awnings will also help to protect your carpets, furniture and soft furnishings from fading in the sun, which is a common problem.

Whilst there are certainly a number of other benefits that you will experience from the addition of drop arm awnings to your home, the four that we have outlined above tend to be the most looked for. Not only will you be able to find the perfect match for your home, you will find these awnings very easy to use and able to keep your home cool. If your home cannot benefit from these things, then there’s definitely something wrong with you!

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Drop Arm Awnings?, Seekyt
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