What are the Best Silver Coins to Buy

Buying silver coins is an investment just like buying gold or other precious metals.

Buying the physical silver itself is becoming more common by investors today than ever before. There is something special and exciting about holding and feeling the weight of a silver coin or silver bar that attracts investors. Silver coins are becoming increasingly popular by precious metal investors and coin collectors globally. Gold has been king for thousands of years but now it just might be time for gold to make way for the prince of precious metals, silver.

Gold is very expensive for an ounce currently fluctuating around $1,800 where silver is quite a bit more affordable sitting around the $30 an ounce mark. You can buy about 60 ounces of silver for the same price of an ounce of gold. If gold goes up $100 an ounce you have the potential for a $100 profit for you ounce where if silver where to rise even just 25 an ounce for the same investment you will have made a $1,500 profit for your investment. If the silver matched the gold and rose $100 an ounce that’s a $6,000 profit compared to the $100 profit for the gold.

Some are attracted to silver by the price and others by the price and the look of silver. Whatever reason you have for being interested in investing in this precious metal you have made a good investment choice. If you are new to the precious metal investment game you are probably this article because you have questions like what is the best silver coin to buy? How to buy silver coins? Where to buy silver coins or silver bars? Or what silver coin buying tips can I find? I am going to answer your questions.

What is the best silver coin to buy?

To answer this question you have to decide how much money you can invest and are you in silver alone or are you investing in the collection of silver coins like a coin collector. Once you know the answer to these questions you can decide and choose which are the best silver coins to buy for investment for your situation.

Silver bullion coins are popular with investors that want silver just for the investment more than coin collectors. Silver bullion coins are .999 pure silver. These types of coins will usually sell for just over the market or spot price of silver, their prices will fluctuate with the stock market price of silver.

imageSilver Numismatic Coins are more attractive to coin collectors than silver investors. These are silver coins produced by mints over the years that are bought and sold by coin collectors from all over the world. These coins have considerably less silver than a bullion coin and depending on the coin can be less valuable or sometimes more valuable.

Junk Silver Coins are coins produced previous to 1964 that do not contain a pure silver like bullion coins and the amount of silver can vary greatly anywhere from 30% to upwards of 85% or higher of junk silver. You can sometimes find these coins in your change when you purchase something but now that silver has become more valuable than days gone by these coins don’t show up as often as they used to.

imageWith this information you should be able to decide if you are interested in investing in bullion silver coins or collector silver coins. If you are interested in investing in silver because of its precious metal value then I suggest going with the bullion.

Where to buy silver coins – how to buy silver coins

Your national or federal mint produces silver coins as do other silver manufacturers. If you research your national mint silver bullion coins you will find a standard coin that will be very popular among investors. For instance in Canada the Maple Leaf one troy ounce coin is popular as the American Silver Eagle one troy ounce coin is in the United States. You can find silver coins online being sold by brokerage houses, banks, manufacturers, coin dealers locally or online and even places like EBay or Amazon.com.

My suggestion is to familiarize yourself with the spot price or market price of silver per ounce and then find coins that interest you and do as much research as you can before you make your first purchase. It might be a little scary at first trying to figure out what coins to buy but in a short time you will feel comfortable and on your way to making money investing in silver coins. You should feel somewhat comfortable now with which silver coins to buy and silver coins as an investment.

So what are the best silver coins to buy?