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What are the Health Benefits of Latex Pillows?


If you suffer from allergies, nasal congestion or even headaches then you may be surprised to learn how latex pillows can make a huge improvement to your health. My physiotherapist guided me towards these most wonderful remedies when I experienced discomfort from scoliosis and migraines.

Prior to her intervention, I had little idea of just how important it is to choose the right sleep accessories to assist in the maintenance of good posture, respiration and temperature regulation. These are essential requirements for rest and rejuvenation.

Time flies and before we know it the bed we bought many years ago no longer supports us as well as we’d like. There are many words of wisdom to absorb when choosing a replacement and although it may feel awkward; at least you can lie on a shop model for a few minutes before you buy. How many of us put the same amount of time and thought into purchasing a pillow?

Natural ventilation for allergen-free sleep environment

Unrestricted ventilation is just one of a long list of requirements when it comes to managing my asthma and scoliosis symptoms effectively. Fortunately latex pillows offer many solutions! Firstly, their natural properties provide and maintain an allergen-free climate. Natural Talalay latex allows the air around your face, neck and shoulders to move freely, allowing your body to cool naturally. This is not usually the case with some synthetic fibres as they tend to develop hot spots that lead to excessive perspiration.

Secondly, common allergens such as mould and fungus spores are naturally repelled by Talalay latex. This is great news for allergy sufferers because none of us want to share one third of our lives with a pillow that is going to harbour nasties that exacerbate our symptoms! I have heard that even in humid conditions these wonderful sleep accessories remain allergen-free.

Thirdly, it is well documented that dust mites are the major cause of irritation for asthma sufferers. Fortunately they do not like to set up house in latex. If wonderful natural cooling and ventilation priorities are high on your list, then the added benefit of resting without allergens makes this choice hard to beat. Still though, there are even more boxes to tick!

Superior neck and back support

If you are looking for excellent neck and back support then there are many options regardless of your sleep style. For example, tall people who sleep on their sides tend to require a high profile (height) whereas smaller people who tend to sleep on their backs require a lower version. I’m a restless sleeper and my major consideration is the discomfort I experience from scoliosis. As you can probably imagine, I’ve tried and tested a few pillows in my time.

Without a doubt though, latex pillows have provided me with the most consistent neck and back support. They do feel a little unusual to begin with and it takes a couple of nights to adjust to the sensation that your head is being nestled on a cushion of air. No matter where you move, they move accordingly, to give you the best cradling effect.

Resilient structure that stays in shape

How does it feel when your brand new pillow loses its fluffiness or becomes lumpy or flat after a few weeks? It’s been a while since I’ve experienced such disappointment because latex pillows consistently keep their shape over time. When you first purchase these items you are encouraged to plump, poke and prod them so air can enter into places where it was squeezed out during the packaging process. No matter how vigorous your pillow fights, these beauties will stay in shape for a long time.

The only recommendation I would suggest is that you expose them to warm air but not direct sunlight, every so often. This helps to release any moisture that may have accumulated and allows them to puff up to their recommended size. A pillow protector will also help keep your most valuable sleep accessory in tip top condition.

Invest in this wonderful sleep solution and know that your body, mind and soul will thank you every day!

Are you allergic to latex?

It is my understanding that the Talalay manufacturing process alleviates the bulk of irritants that usually trigger latex allergies. If at all in doubt, please consult your doctor prior to choosing such products.

Image of the sleeping beauty is copyright and royalty-free, purchased by the author from dreamstime.com

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