What Are The Popular Banner Sizes?

Many businesses are already in the know when it comes to understanding business and advertising. This means that they are already using vinyl banners and because of this they are seeing the fantastic benefits that this simple form of advertising can give. This can make a person think about what popular sizes may be the best for the different uses they need them for. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Table Top Vinyl Banners

Using banner signs on the table top are a great way to get attention drawn to products, information or services that you want to share with your clients. One of the best ways to do this is with vinyl banners that can sit on the table top. There are three popular sizes for these types of signs. They are 18 inches high, 24 inches high or 48 inches high. One thing to consider when getting started with the ordering of these banner signs is how portable they will be and what they are going to say for the business. Affordability should be considered as well.

Roll Up Banner Signs

One of the great things about roll up banner signs is that they are very portable and simple to set up. These vinyl banners are great because they are very easy to see from across a trade show, or if wanting to set it up in front of a business. Some popular sizes for these banners are 78 inches high or 84 inches high. With these signs it’s another wise idea to consider what you want to get from the sign and what kind of budget you have for it.

Popular Sizes For What You Need Them For

3 x 12 banners are very popular and work well for many different purposes. They can have wording that will allow them to be easily hung lengthwise on the front of a door. They can be worded to hang on a window horizontally. The most popular size should be a size that’s going to work for what you’re looking for. Before ordering a sign the business owner should consider what they want to get from the sign. Do they want to have it draw people that are driving by? If this is the case then a larger and durable size should be made. Is it something that you want to place in a window to draw those who are walking by, then choose a smaller sign to hang in the window.