What Are The Requirements To Become A Fighter Pilot In The Navy?

Requirements to Become a Fighter Pilot in the Navy

A lot of you have the dream to fly high and become a fighter pilot; hence, knowing the requirements to become a fighter pilot in the navy is a top priority. As you know, a fighter pilot’s role is not an easy task. With that being said, one must prepare at an early age. Having the courage and determination to become one is a vital component. What are the qualifications to become a fighter pilot?

Educational requirements

Like almost all types of career opportunities today, education is a number one requirement. A college degree is highly mandatory, preferably a degree in law enforcement or aerospace. Building your educational background should begin as early as your high school years. Having honors, leadership awards and participating in extracurricular activities such as ROTC would earn you an advantage. This is because the military needs smart and strategic officers. Throughout the course of training your intellectual and analytical capacity would be tested.

Aside from a college degree, once you are accepted to the service, officer training and flight school are again mandatory. Officer training comes first, once you’ve passed next is flight training. Keep in mind that passing the flight training is very crucial. At this point, most individuals fail because this portion will be a combination of academia, training and stress management. Once you’ve passed, you will advance to the fighter pilot training. Meaning, you have already obtained a rank in the navy. If you fail this test, you would still be able to receive aircraft assignments.

Physical and psychological requirements

Another pre-requisite of becoming a fighter pilot are your physical and psychological capabilities. The psychological requirements to become a fighter pilot in the navy involve you undergoing various tests such as aptitude, comprehensive and stress management tests. Once the written psychological exam starts, you will not be able to redo your answers. These exams should be completed in a timely manner. The only way for you to establish a good profile is to prove to them that you are versatile, responsible, motivated and intuitive person. There is no trick when it comes to this part of the exam. You will be able to persuade them if you are really determined to be a part of the military.

A physically fit body including a perfect vision is another requirement. You will be mandated to undergo a series of medical check-ups and trainings to prove that your body can withhold occupational injuries and diseases. Meaning, you must have the strength to accomplish every physical training assigned.

Other requirements

Applying for any military services would require you to fill-up forms. In doing this, you have to be honest. If you have committed any violations in the past whether you are a minor or an adult you have to be earnest. Background investigations are done prior to acceptance. Having committed minor violations would still qualify you to apply. Keeping this from them on the other hand would automatically disqualify you.

As long as you provide them with the necessary information of your life and passed all the mentioned requirements to become a fighter pilot in the navy, you will be able to soar high and make your aspirations come true.