What are the things you need to know about ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans help reduce heat and keep the temperature cool and comfortable in your room. You can make your choice of ceiling fans depending on the budget and the features that you want in your ceiling fan.

Simple tips for buying ceiling fans

1. Before you buy your ceiling fan, it would be advisable to take the measurement of your room. This will enable you to buy the right size for your room. For instance if your room measures 100 square feet, it would be best to buy a ceiling fan sized 36”.
2. If you have a larger room, it would be best to opt for a larger ceiling fan so that air circulates all over the room and remains cool even in hot summers. You would be surprised to know that there are some very big fan sizes available in the market with the maximum size of 60”.
3. The ceiling of your room should also be taken into consideration. You would need to see whether you have a low or high ceiling and based on this, you can make your choice of ceiling fans.
4. There are two types of ceiling fans, indoors and outdoors. Each of these types has their individual features that make them unique. It is not advisable to fix an indoor fan outside the house, as they would not be able to tolerate the high temperatures and dirt outdoors.
5. There are various styles of ceiling fans and these include Abstract, Hippie, Futuristic, Modern and Standard. Apart from these styles, there are also many ceiling fans that will be able to provide you light as they can be attached to the fans.
6. You should look out for the energy star rating in the ceiling fans that you purchase as they would be energy efficient and help save on your precious power bills.
7. If the fans are made from good quality materials, they would be able to last longer and give better performance. The blade size should match the motor so that it performs in an efficient way.
8. The brand of ceiling fans that you choose must have high quality ball bearings so that there is minimal noise and reduced vibration.
9. There are many fans that are available with remote controls. You can use this feature to control the speed of your fan from a sitting position or from the comfort of your bed.
10. There are various accessories that are available with your ceiling fans and you can make the choice based on your personal preference.

The latest innovation in ceiling fans is that they will change their speed depending on the temperature that is prevalent outside. This feature will greatly improve energy efficiency. A good choice of ceiling fans will not just provide cool air to you but also improve the aesthetic appeal of your favorite room.