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What Are The Types Of Treatment In Podiatry?

Injuries are something which nobody can escape from. Researchers have suggested that 5 out of 10 people suffer from injuries in their feet and lower limbs at some point in their lives. That is why it is of utmost importance that you consult with a podiatry clinic if you are suffering from pain and discomfort in your feet and lower limbs. A podiatrist or a foot doctor will provide you with a detailed medical diagnosis of the source of your pain and treat it accordingly.

You should consult podiatrist at least once if you are suffering from arthritis, bone and joint disorders, circulatory illness, neurological illness, soft tissue and muscular pathologies. The expertise of podiatrist is also taken in the field of biomechanics, diabetes, sports medicine, gerontology, pediatrics, etc. Flat foot, paining of feet, corn, etc are some common ailments which you may face and if ignored may lead to diseases and syndromes such as the ‘Osgood Schlatters’ disease or the ‘Patellofemoral’ syndrome or even the ‘Ilotibial’ syndrome.

The common most foot proPodiatryblems

Bunions: Misaligned big toe joints or ‘Bunions’ are generally hereditary and is aggravated by footwear of slim design near the forefoot and toes. This causes the feet to swell and it becomes tender which results in pain. A surgery is needed to be operated to get rid of this problem.

Ingrown nails into skin: Ingrown nails are toenails which grow from the sides into your skin causing pain. It is a result of poor foot structure, heredity, ill-fit shoes, injury improper trimming of nails and also fungus infection. This can all be easily prevented if you pay attention to your feet nails and proper trimmings.

Hammertoe: When your toe is bent in a claw like position it means that you are suffering from ‘Hammertoe’ syndrome caused by imbalance in the muscles. This can be prevented by carefully selecting your footwear starting from socks.

Neuromas: ‘Neuromas’ are enlarged nerves between the third and fourth toes. They occur due to abnormal bone structure or ill fitted footwear which puts pressures on the nerves against a ligament. Surgeries and treatments including cortisone injections and usage of shoe inserts and metarsal pads help in treating this type of problem.

Heels spurs: Thickening or inflammation of the plantar fascia or commonly known as ‘Heels Spurs’ can be exterminated by proper footwear and exercise. If it still doesn’t get better then you might have to undergo minimal incision surgery and shockwave therapy.

Stress fractures: An incomplete crack formed on the bone due to overuse is also known as ‘Stress Fractures’. This can be treated by giving your legs complete rest and time to heal and sometimes a bone stimulator is used to speed up the process. If you leave this unattended then it may result into a full fracture which will need a cast or even surgeries sometimes.
Services Provided by a Podiatrist

A podiatrist’s job is to fix any problems in your feet and lower limbs and to prevent them from happening in the future. A podiatrist’s diagnoses and treats fractures, deformities, tumors and skin and nail diseases be it bacterial, fungal or viral. They are also qualified to operate and surgically remove problems such as ruptured Achilles, fractures, bunions, hammertoes, etc. It is also their job to treat conditions such as calluses, corns, cysts, heel spurs and operate on other ligaments and tendons. If you are facing constant pain in your feet or ankles, or see changes in the skin or nails of your feet such as severe cracking or peeling, blisters, thickening toenails, Athletes foot, Neoplastic Disorders then you should get in contact with a podiatry clinic to seek a solution to your problem. You can search the internet for a qualified podiatrist near you.

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