What benefits can consumers receive from consuming raw cacao or raw cacao beans or even from adding raw cocoa butter to their diet?

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This small change in diet, meaning choosing to have a raw cacao beverage instead of coffee or tea, can help lower one’s blood pressure or help decrease the chances of a stroke!

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Can adding raw cocoa butter have the same cardiovascular benefits and prevention properties to ward off strokes?

Every individual’s body needs are different, of course, but there are natural antioxidant properties, ORAC or Oxygen radical Absorbance Capacity, that is higher in cacao beans than in most supposed high antioxidant foods.

Spinach, strawberries, blueberries and prunes all have high ORAC value, however, the somewhat “lowly” raw cacao beans and raw cocoa butter ORAC value exceeds even these fine foods! Of course, one wouldn’t want to exempt these foods from a healthy regime; however raw cacao is certainly worth taking a look at for its health-inducing properties.

Can an individual actually purchase natural body detoxification products or foods online?

It is very important for a consumer to research to make sure that raw cacao beans or raw cocoa butter being sold is actually a natural product. Some Internet companies may claim such, but upon closer observation or scrutinized reading one may find that the organic superfoods which they tout are not natural. It is important to find a company that can verify the ingredients.

Which health conditions are best served by consuming raw cacao beans?

Besides the cardiovascular improvement, they also contain proxyanidin. This can inhibit cataract formation in diabetics. It also removes toxins from the human body and adds magnesium which helps reduce the stress plaguing the 21st century inhabitant! It is a simple solution to add these beans or raw cocoa butter to one’s diet as a kind of added ‘health-insurance’.
The flavanol-rich raw cacao will lower free radicals in one’s body and can prevent further oxidative damage. Raw cacao and raw cocoa butter in nature’s purest form ensure that a body receives all the antioxidant protection it needs.

Isn’t wine superior to cacao in its antioxidant properties?

Not wanting to throw a baby out with the bath water, of course wine has been proven to have antioxidant benefits. Detoxification of the human body is an on-going process. Adding wine to one’s diet can have many benefits. It can even relieve stress. However, even though wine does contain phenolic phytochemics with high antioxidant capacity, cacao powder wins the race when it comes to a higher level of antioxidant ability.

Does one have to plan a trip to the Andes to gather up these raw beans?

Though such a trip might prove exciting and fun, there certainly are easier methods of obtaining hundreds of healthy food options. The Internet helps consumers find superfood products which act naturally as antioxidants in the body. Filling up one’s Internet cart with cacao in its rarest state is as simple as a “click” of a key. There is an abundance of exceptional raw food products from which to choose. It is the wise consumer who reads about products and their benefits and digs through all the rhetoric, seeking a company that not only delivers superior raw product, but also puts their customer’s needs first with prompt and accurate service.

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What benefits can consumers receive from consuming raw cacao or raw cacao beans or even from adding raw cocoa butter to their diet?, Seekyt
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