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What Breed Of Dog Do I Want? – Choosing The Right One

Getting the right dog for you

What breed of dog do you want? Are you thinking of getting one? Are you confused by so many dogs to choose from? Getting the right dog for you is a hard job. Everyone is unique in their own way and choosing the right dog that matches your personality is very important. Choosing the right dog over thousands of breeds to choose from is not easy. However, by determining the characteristics of each and every dog breed that are popular today will make the job easier. Choosing what kind of dog you want is the same as choosing what kind of dog to buy. Before choosing a dog you should first assess yourself if you are capable enough to handle the needs of your pet. Are you ready for the adjustments that have to be made when you have a dog? Is your lifestyle good enough to handle firm commitment? If yes, then you are now ready to have a dog but remember responsible pet ownership is very important. Here is a guideline in choosing the right breed of dog for you and for your family.

  • Size

Consider the size of the dog when getting one. Do you like small dogs like Pomeranians and shitszu or larger ones like St. Bernard or germen shepherd? Sizes vary according to breed. Little puppies are so cute. Usually small sizes dogs are always the right choice for a woman when getting a dog. Women usually want a little lap dog that they want to carry around. There are breeds of dogs now that don’t grow fast and some don’t grow a lot. It best suites women while men mostly prefers medium, large to extra large dogs. Large dogs requires large amount of food and space while little puppies don’t. Consider also the size of your house or your backyard. Is the space big enough to fill his needs? Larger dogs usually need a wagging space. Therefore size is essential factor in choosing a dog.

  • Nature of the breed

Characteristics and the qualities of dog should be examined carefully. Remember, choosing the right breed of dog by its nature is also significant in getting a dog. You will be living with this dog for long time so make sure that you carefully choose the right characteristics of the dog that best suits you. Some owners want a friendly dog while other wants a loyal but aloof to strangers’ kind of dog. Some prefer active dogs while others want a subdued dog. Others prefer dogs that can be easily trained while others don’t care at all. In every breed of dog there are a distinct characteristic that makes one breed different from another.

  • Age

Age is also a major factor in what breed do you want. if you prefer getting a puppy, then be ready for the responsibility. Puppies requires highest amount of attention and training as well. You should be prepared enough and patient enough in raising a puppy because usually they are the one that gives us more problems if not properly trained. They might eat your plants, chew your things and get in your way. The advantage is that you will be able to see and participate in their trainings, socialization and growing up process. Adult dogs can be a good choice. They have fewer needs and training is often not needed. They can easily adapt and adjust to their new lives in your home. Moreover, they tend to be calmer and already know some basic obedience.

  • Gender

Choosing whether to have a female or male dog isn’t hard at all. If you plan to breed a dog, then choose the female but if you have no plans at all choose the male. How a dog behaves usually don’t affect ones gender so deciding whether to have a female or male dog is not very important.

  • Level of Activity

Variations are noted on activity level based on breeds. Certain Breed needs high activity level while others don’t. Assessment of your activity level plays a key to choosing the right breed of dog for you. If you are the athletic kind of person, you will need a dog that can be your jogging partner or running partner like the Border collie. However, if you are not the athletic type of person then probably you need a lower energy dog like the basset hound. Remember, the activity level doesn’t always depend on the breed. Every dog still needs a regular exercise for them t be healthy.

  • Grooming Needs

For a dog to stay healthy, grooming needs are important. All dogs have grooming needs; long haired dogs are hard to groom, sometimes they need professionals to maintain their grooming whereas to short haired dogs, they are easy to groom and to take care for. Deciding what breed of dog you want also depends on how much time you can afford to spend to fill their grooming needs.

  • Health

Are you prepared to maintain the health of your dog? You should be aware that as a responsible owner it’s your duty to maintain the health of your pets. We all know that Regular check-ups and Vaccinations are very important to ones pet. Absence of those will make your dog prone to diseases. Certain breed is prone to have hereditary diseases and conditions that is why health maintenance is very vital.

  • Physical Maintenance

Breeds of dogs can be different from another in terms of physical maintenance. When wanting to buy a dog you must assess yourself it you are ready for this kind of high cost maintenance. Dogs needs cleaning up regularly; be aware that physical maintenance varies according to needs and to breeds. Dogs with long floppy ears need regular ear cleanings because they are very much prone to ear infection while mastiffs, bloodhound and similar breeds needs a cloth to wipe their drools.

  • Pet Health Insurance

As a pet owner, you should be ready in providing your pets’ health insurance. Accidents can happen anytime therefore health insurance is very important and must be present.

If you are ready, then it’s time to get the dog that best suits you. All items that were mentioned above serve only as a guideline in choosing the right breed of dog for you. Have you already decided what breed of dog do you want? Well… Only you can answer that question.

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