What Breed Of Dog Do I Want? – Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Dog Breed To Buy

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Dog Breed to Buy

When contemplating purchasing a dog, one of the most crucial questions to ask yourself is, “What Breed of Dog Do I want?” Always remember that the particular breed that you settle for will determine whether or not you’ll enjoy the experience of having your new buddy around. Not all dogs are the same in terms of their needs and the demands that they come along with as far as their up keep is concerned so it’s important that you make your choice from an informed point of view.

One of the basic factors that one has to put into consideration is the costs involved in keeping the particular breed you are interested in. First it will be prudent that you evaluate your budget limits in order to be clear on how much you can afford to spare for your pet. The expenses of keeping a dog normally arise from their need for grooming, the kind of bedding they require, average daily food consumption and the number of times it may need to be vaccinated to remain healthy and safe to be around with. Particularly regarding food consumption, larger breeds are known to eat much more food than smaller ones so depending on what you can afford, this information can help you narrow down to the specific breeds that are within your budget so to speak.

The dog’s energy level is essential to consider as well. Athletic dog breeds for instance require to be taken out for a lot of exercise and playing making them best suited for an outdoors kind of person with enough time to spend on the pet. However if you are often not at home due to work commitments or any other reasons, you’ll need a less energetic kind of dog that is okay with staying at home or in its kennel for longer hours.

Additionally you can answer your ‘what breed of dog do I want question’ best by taking into consideration the size of dog that you are comfortable with or rather one that can be accommodated in your compound well. Larger dog breeds are suitable to be kept in large compounds and generally an environment that is full of space. But if space is a problem for you smaller breeds like the poodle and Chihuahua would certainly be good options to give thought.

Finally you will need to ask yourself ‘Why do I really need to keep a dog?’ Before making up your mind on the best dog breed for you, one should be clear on the reason why they are purchasing a dog in the first place. There are many reasons that may fuel one’s decision to get a dog. Often people go for a dog for protection so guard dogs which are normally aggressive and territorial such as the German Shepherd will be a better choice here. Nonetheless some of us just want a buddy for our kids to be playing with. If this is your purpose then smaller friendly breeds for example the Chihuahua will do. So as your pondering on ‘What breed of dog do I want’; think about all these factors to avoid making a decision you will later regret.