What Breed of Dog Do I Want? – How to Choose a Puppy

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Do you find yourself asking, “What breed of dog do I want?” That’s often the first question you ask yourself when the decision is made to get a dog. There are so many different breeds of dog; it’s sometimes an overwhelming thought. However, asking yourself a few simple questions will often help narrow it down quite a bit.

Where You Live Makes a Difference

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First, where you live makes a difference. Do you have a large fenced in yard, or live in an apartment? Perhaps you belong to an association or have a landlord that doesn’t allow dogs over a certain weight, or at all. Smaller dogs can be great for apartment settings as some breeds of smaller dog will fit qualifications for apartment living; however, don’t let this fool you because small terrier breeds are very hyper and do often need a ton of work to get them worn out. Also, dogs like the Great Dane are usually known to be a great breed of apartment dog because their exercise needs are lower and they are generally not big barkers.

About Exercising Your Puppy

Another question you should pose to yourself is, ‘do you enjoy walking and outdoor exercise?’ If yes, then there are several breeds that need extra amounts of exercise that you could consider if you have the time and energy to go the extra mile, or ten. Huskies are one breed of dog that requires to be worn out a couple times per day. A five mile bike ride or jog would be a great workout for a husky. If these dogs are not allowed to expel all their energy it will turn negative and you’ll find your dog digging holes, running away, not learning it’s training etc… A trainable husky is one who is allowed to expel its energy in a positive way every day. On the other hand, if you’re a couch potato and don’t really want to take two five mile bike rides per day, and only plan on taking casual walks then perhaps you should consider a bulldog or corgi. But really, most dogs need all the exercise you can give.

Animal Socialization

There are so many breeds of dogs to choose from. Dogs also need different levels of socialization. Do you know other people who own dogs or are you close to any dog play groups you could join? If you’d like to choose a Pit bull or American bulldog you might want to consider this, as these breeds need extra socialization to ensure a stable personality towards other dogs as they age.

About Shepherds

Shepherds are great dogs, Australian or German or otherwise, they all need physical and mental stimulation. Jobs or seeking games are great for their mental health. These dogs are often so smart; they need something to do, to keep their mind occupied. A game of hiding treats for them to find is a good one, or teaching them the names of their toys and having them bring them to you one by one is another fun game.

Alternatives to Puppies

If you work long hours, or are gone often, perhaps you should reconsider getting a dog all together and consider a different type of pet. Birds and ferrets also need a lot of care so perhaps a cat or two would be an option. Cats do enjoy your company and do need companionship; however they don’t require to be let outside to potty and won’t generally bark or get separation anxiety disorders as dogs can. A litter box must be provided for their potty needs and it must be kept clean because if your cat deems the box unusable it might opt for some clean laundry or your bed. This is the most often way cats will show you their displeasure with a situation, or any sickness they might have.

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What Breed of Dog Do I Want? – How to Choose a Puppy, Seekyt
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