What Can I Feed My Diabetic Dog? – These Foods Are Good Food For Your Canine

What can I feed my diabetic dog? That’s a question that goes through the minds of many owners if their canine has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. It can seem like a daunting task to find the proper foods that your canine will eat, but are also healthy for him. There are many different options out there on the market today and many different manufacturers proclaim that they make special diabetic formulas that are healthy for your pooch, but what ones are actually telling the truth and how can you tell?

Diabetic Dry Foods Can Keep Your Dog in Routine

What can I feed my diabetic dog? One of the things that is important to many canines is routine. They like to know when you will be awake, when you will leave for work, when you will be coming home, and of course, when feeding time is. Dogs also don’t like big changes to their diet, so if you are feeding dry dog food to your canine that has been recently diagnosed with diabetes, then it is important to continue feeding dry dog food. There are many different good brands on the market – you need to look for foods that limit sugars, are high in fiber and protein, and have complex carbohydrates that your canine can easily capitalize.

Home Cooking is a Viable Option

What can I feed my diabetic dog? Considering the cost of diabetic dry dog food and the increased cost of diabetic wet dog food, going the route to start home cooking for your pup becomes a very real possibility. Raw foods and all natural foods are generally quite low on the glycemic index, which is what you’ve got to start worrying about when it comes to your pooch. In addition to that, your canine is going to be much more attracted to the smell of a lightly cooked chicken then some dry kibble, and this can be especially helpful if your dog is having a hard time with the insulin shots you’ve got to give them every day.

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food

What can I feed my diabetic dog? For some owners, a home cooked meal every day just isn’t a possibility. Even if there is not much cooking involved, let’s be honest here – not everyone can make the extra time it takes to provide that kind of meal for their dog. That’s why there is Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food. Made from real foods that are even human grade, all it takes is for you to stick the food into some water for a few moments to let it rehydrate.

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to being able to provide your diabetic canine with a healthy meal each day. So if you are wondering what can I feed my diabetic dog, check out these options and choose the right one for you.