What Candles Smell Best – Anthropologie Candles

Some people say that Anthropologie Candles smell the best. They say once you light your favorite Anthropologie scented candle, it fills the room with an aroma that magically makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Those wonderful scents caress your mind and take you away from your troubles if only for a while. They’re perfect for when you take a nice bubble bath while you listen to your favorite itunes downloads or for when you have a romantic dinner.


Set the Mood

A scented candle from Anthropologie.com can set the mood or change your mood for the better. If you buy good candles. They’re a quick and cheap way to take you to your happy place when you can’t afford or don’t have time for a vacation. Anthropologie has candles that are perfect for creating peaceful moments like these.


Anthropologie 5 – Star Rated Best Smelling Candles

If you’ve ever wondered what candles smell best, Anthropologies’ jar candles get 5 star ratings by people that have used them. Anthropologie is a major retailer of clothes, shoes, accessories, and items for house and home. Their customers leave comments like, “I wish I had bought more” and “This is my favorite scent of ALL the candles that I own across all companies.” Anthropologie describes their candles as, “As pretty to look at as they are to smell.” The pictures of candles on this page show the added bonus of the beautiful containers that these candles come in. They can be cleaned and used to hold whatever you want to use them for.


Tip: If the wick in your candles burn quickly and leaves a lot of the candle unused, try burning the remaining wax in a wax burner. Use a plastic knife to scrape a bit of the unburned candle wax out and put it in a wax burner. It smells great and you use ALL of your favorite candles.


Candle Manufacturers on Anthropologie

Ann-Katrin Braf
Capri Blue
Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba
Perry Gargano
Royal Apothic


Capri Blue Etched Jar Candle

Burn Time: 85 hour

Candle: Fragrance, paraffin-soy wax blend

Size: 5’H, 4′ diameter

Qty: 24 oz


Capri Blue Etched Jar Candle Fragrances

Aloha: jasmine and gardenia, freshly picked orchids, entwined with white blossoms

Volcano: tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens

Hibiscus Teakwood: a romantic floral scent of teak, sandalwood and vetiver, blended with sultry ginger, spicy amber and a heart of hibiscus and tobacco blossom.


Voluspa Japonica Candle Tin

Burn Time: 80 hours

Ingredients: Coconut wax blend

Size: 2’H, 5′ diameter

Qty: 12 oz


Voluspa Japonica Candle Fragrances

Goji Berry: cold-pressed tarocco orange blended and sun-dried goji berries

Santiago Huckleberry: sweet and spicy, traces of vanilla pod and sugarcane

Baltic Amber: forest scents of sandalwood and cedar

Capri Fig Frangipani: sweet and tart, with a hint of sweet rose petals

French Cade Lavender: French cade wood, lavender, verbena and moss

Bella Sucre: Demerara sugar, tiare flower and coconut milk

Eden and Pear: lemon vervaine, ancient galbanum and ripe hosui pear

Mokara: Mokara orchid, white lily and spring moss


Candle Safety

Please be careful when you use candles so that you can avoid fire damage and injury. Always sit candles on a flat stable surface away from children and pets. Blow your candles out before going to sleep and keep them away from anything like draperies that might catch fire. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on hand when burning candles. Remember to extinguish all candles before leaving home. Take these precautions and others so that you can enjoy the best smelling candles from Anthropologie for years to come.