What Color Should You Wedding Dress Be?

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The traditional wedding dress color is white, but that does not mean that every bride needs to wear a white wedding dress on her wedding day. The color of a bride’s wedding dress should be a choice in which she feels comfortable with.

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One might argue the idea that a white wedding dress symbolizes pureness, virginity and innocence. I believe the wedding dress symbolize a special occasion that represents love. If you’re favorite color isn’t white, and you loath the prospects of wearing a white dress on the most romantic day of your life then don’t wear a white wedding dress on your wedding day.

The white wedding dress has not always been traditional. In 1870, you would have saw a royal couple being wed while the bride wore a white gown trimmed in orange blossoms. The couple was Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Other brides from this era wore a variety of colors on their wedding day, not all of the choices included white.

In the 1950’s the white wedding dress became popular in America. The concept stuck in the minds of the population which resulted in tradition. However, the history of the wedding dress was not always a white memory. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that brides commonly wore short white dresses. The brides in the 1930’s wore white; because the color white was easily dyed thus the wedding dress could be used for everyday attire, after the wedding day. So you see the white wedding dress was originally a color choice made of convenience and not of virtue.

So where your multicolored wedding dresses with pride, wear them in red, pink, green and aquamarine if you choose. Tradition is fun, but if it doesn’t make sense to you don’t be afraid to mix it up. Who knows over the next 100 years the traditional wedding dress may be orange. Have fun on your wedding day and wear what you like.

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