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The things that compose go kits for crime scene photography will be dependent on the various situations and scenes that took place and the changes in time and technology advancements. The type of equipments and accessories to be brought will be decided by the crime scene photographer according to the situation and location of the crime scene that they will have encountered. An efficient and effective crime scene photographer must at all times be ready to take shots of photos, no matter how gory they may be. It is through these photos that further detail of the crime scene can be taken out, like finger prints, marks, defense wounds, and blood stains. It is safe to say that in most cases, the photographer is a really big help in solving crimes. Hence, having the proper go kits for crime scene photography is very essential.

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The main equipment in go kits for crime scene photography

Modern digital cameras and film cameras

Film cameras of any type will always require buying different kinds of films and also a long post processing before being able to obtain the image taken from the crime scene. The processing of the crime scene photos will not only need time allocation but will also be expensive. And if, unfortunately, the crime scene pictures turned out to be damaged, the effort becomes a waste and will have to start redeveloping again because crime scene reconstruction is normally difficult.

Digital cameras, on the other hand, are designed to have photos be stored in several kinds of memory devices. These photos can be seen immediately after being taken by the crime scene photographer with the help of an LCD screen which is already attached together with the camera itself. Shooting pictures using digital cameras lets the crime scene photographer to readjust the lighting, distance, and focus of the image. Also, because the results can be seen right after, evaluation and correction can be done quickly.

Both film and digital cameras are good options to add in go kits for crime scene photography. Initially, a digital camera is going to be expensive but the operation costs will be lesser than that of film cameras.

The more modern cameras

The older and more modern versions of DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are fully adjustable types of cameras. By adjustable, it means that the focus, f-stop, and shutter speed – which are all requirements for taking a good crime scene camera photo or sets of pictures – can be freely adjusted. This adjustability feature is one of the basic needs of cameras being used as part of go kits for crime scene photography. Another reason why DSLR cameras are a good choice is that they allow crime scene photographers to use several interchangeable lenses which can really be helpful in crime scene photography.

Other equipments needed for go kits for crime scene photography

The camera is not the only equipment needed to be part of go kits for crime scene photography. Having filters in red, orange, blue, yellow, and green colors, and gray cards will be really handy in obtaining accurate exposures. Notebook, pen, index cards, and felt pens are also necessary for marking evidences. Bringing in spare batteries, films for film cameras, memory devices, and tools are also important especially when camera repair is needed.

Aside from those, portable computers and even portable canopies are also deemed very handy when taking photos in a crime scene. Although the above mentioned are not as vital as cameras, they still are good equipments needed in go kits for crime scene photography.

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