What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas?

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Having worked in for many years, each year I wonder what to give coworkers for Christmas. The holiday is on the way here, you already see it in the stores. It seems now days we go straight from Halloween to Christmas. The time has come to begin thinking about Christmas presents and asking yourself, “What do I give coworkers for Christmas?”

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Not everyone gives gifts to coworkers, but if you’re one who does. There are some things you should take into account.

First, how much money do you plan on spending? You should spend an equal amount on everyone you’re buying for to avoid any workplace jealousy. There are many low cost items that can be purchased for a larger amount of people, such as pens and post-it note pads to go along with. Or perhaps picture frames for their desk, or treats such as chocolate or cookies make great gifts. However, if you do purchase food items, be sure your coworkers are not limited by diabetes or any allergies. Also, if you plan on gifting wine or liquor, be sure you’re not giving it to a recovering alcoholic. Those are major fop as that we all need to avoid.

Be careful going anywhere towards lotions or scented candles. You’ll want to steer clear of anything that could be considered romantic. Generic gifts such as pocket knives for men or some flowery stationary for women are just fine and can come at a pretty easy price. Something that has seemed to go out of style is flowers. Flowers are colorful and a vibrant taste to the nostrils. You’ll, again, have to keep allergies in mind. I once rather enjoyed a gift of bulbs, to plant and grow myself. There is no romantic attachment to dirty flower bulbs and it is enjoyable to plant something and watch it grow under your own care.

Many workplaces will do drawings for names so that you only have to concentrate on buying a gift for one person. There are usually price caps for these types of gifts, which is a great idea to avoid jealousy around the workplace, as I mentioned earlier. Does your coworker collect anything you could get ideas from? Perhaps they enjoy baseball or art. Think of the person you work with and really try to gain an idea of what they might enjoy, and is reasonably priced.

Baskets can be a great gift idea as well, for your coworkers. There are so many baskets now, and ordering is simple and usually easily done online. There are the original fruit basket which is still enjoyed and gifted by many but now there are much more varieties of the basket gifts which are cheerfully accepted; Such as candy baskets, movie night baskets, cookie’s on sticks in a basket, fruit decorated to look like flowers that come in a basket. Numerous items for all aesthetic and taste purposes!

So yes, it’s always wonderful to receive and give gifts with your coworkers. Just remember, plan ahead, watch your spending limits, check for allergies if need be, and make it light and fun.

At least this year I have a good idea what to give coworkers for Christmas.

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What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas?, Seekyt
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