What do you DO if you Encounter a Coyote in Neighborhood?

The chance of you encountering a coyote is not as far fetched as you might think. This wild animals has become a part of the suburbs because communities were built on their hunting and migration land. The coyote have acclimated to their surroundings and have become a part of the city, thus they hunt in for food in backyards and on city streets.

coyote-948799_640Over the years there have been reports of coyotes being seen in peoples backyards, lying under parked cars and in city parks, so I ask you what so you do if you face to face with  a coyote?

I have come in contact with coyotes at a close distance many times. I have seen them drink for our backyard pond and run down the middle of the street at 2 AM. In my observation the coyote are only trying to survive, to live with the humans who have taking their land.

As for an up close and personal encounter with a coyote, yes I have had this experience also. One night at sunset I took to the back nature trail that goes to the south bluff that overlooks the creek. I grabbed my camera because the sunset was magnificent.

Normally I never go out into the woods at dusk because that is when nocturnal animals come out to hunt and I do not like disturbing them. But for some reason I took to the trail, alone at dusk. Ten feet down the trail I turned the bend, came round the burning bushes, stepped over a fallen tree and nearly fell over an adult male coyote that was lying on the nature trail.

coyote-956689_640The coyote looked as startled as I did. We both stopped and I should have looked down to the ground, but instead I look straight into the coyotes eyes and thought this is a magnificent animal.

In the distance I could hear my dogs in the kennel, barking, growling and jumping on the fence. I could not react, I was frozen to the nature trail, eyes locked on the coyote and wondering who would make the first move.

Coyotes are fearless, and they do not back down when they feel threatened.

Normally in circumstances like this one would make loud noise or throw something at them to frighten and to let the wild animal know that you are not afraid and will not back down.  If you have an air horn sound it, if you have pepper spray use it, wave your arms in the air and scream at the coyote.  Never show fear, try to have positive energy and NEVER run from a coyote, they will think you are prey.

Lucky for me the coyote has just awoke, and did not feel threatened. He stopped stared at me and then moved away from the nature trail.

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