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What Do You Have to Do to Qualify for HUD Housing?


What Do You Have to Do to Qualify for HUD Housing?

What do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing also known as Section 8? The answer to that question is simple. You have to research about how HUD housing works. Furthermore, you also have to familiarize yourself regarding the eligibility, requirements and application process. Only through researching necessary details would you be able to evaluate your chance of approval. Thus, this article will help you understand the HUD housing program.

What is HUD housing program?

HUD housing program is a program that helps individuals that fall under the poverty line in regards to their shelter problems. You can either opt for Housing Choice Voucher program or public housing program. In terms of public housing, there are numerous houses offered from apartment types to small houses that you can rent for a reasonable price.

The concept behind this program is to aid individuals who consume 30% of their income on rent alone. If your rent is taking high percentage of your income, predicaments on daily necessities would be experienced. Thus, the prime objective of this program is to help you reduce your housing expenditures by offering assistance or low priced house for rents.


This financial aid program is not for everyone. This is why most of you ask the question, what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing? To expound the concept mentioned above, eligibility for HUD housing programs is determined via your income. Every state has statistically determined their resident’s average annual income. In order for you to qualify, your income has to be 50% to 80% below the determined average income. In some states, financial aid is given to individuals who have an annual income that is 30% below the average. There are simple illustrations for this. For example in the state of California, a family of 3 having an annual income less than $33, 150 can avail the HUD housing program. The more the household members, the lower the limit would be. For more information, you can check the HUD website.

Aside from your income, there are other determining factors used for evaluation. These factors can help you qualify easily. To enumerate them, here is the list of other criterions used for evaluation.

  • Individuals who are 62 years old and above.
  • Individuals who are a veteran of the U.S Armed Services including their widows and widowers.
  • Individuals who exceeds 42 hours of work per week.
  • Disabled individuals.
  • Homeless individuals or those living in shelters.

Application Process

If you think you are an eligible candidate for the program, you must fill an application form provided by the Housing Department. Some required details are names of household members, birthdates, contact details, work description, expected annual income and your past can current landlord’s details.

They may also require statement of account from banks and employment records. Prepare yourself and family for interviews. They may also ask you about how you spend your income and pay your bills. As long as you can prove that you are in extreme need of monetary assistance, your request would be granted. With that, these details are all you need to answer your question, what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing.

What Do You Have to Do to Qualify for HUD Housing?
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